"I work for my team!"
―Fixit to Chop Shop.

Fixit is an Autobot Mini-Con who primarily acts as the resident engineer, medical assistant and technician of Team Bumblebee. As an energetic Mini-Con whose intelligence and mechanical skills prove a valuable asset to the team, but most importantly is him being a reliable and loyal member as well as having a very caring nature.


Robots in Disguise

Season 1

That face when you can't contact Cybertron control.

On Cybertron, Fixit was a fan of gladiatorial combat. His favorite competitor was the Groundpounder until he found out Groundpounder and his coach Headlock were cheaters in The Champ.

He was also good friends with fellow Mini-Cons Flowchart, Schematic, and Rundown as revealed in Decepticon Island (Part 1).

Eventually, Fixit was assigned to the maximum-security prison ship called the Alchemor, which had contained some of Cybertron's most dangerous Decepticon war criminals. Stationed alongside a complement of identical Mini-Cons, Fixit spent an indeterminate amount of time aboard, monitoring a small section of the ship and the prisoners stored there as revealed in Decepticon Island (Part 1).

Like the other Mini-Cons aboard, Fixit relied on his built-in weapons to keep the inmates under control, in the event of a prison break as shown and revealed in The Trouble with Fixit.

As he told Russell in More than Meets the Eye, he had apparently spent most of his time doing nothing, erroneously believing that he was the only conscious member of the ship's crew.

Unfortunately, the ship crashed on Earth due to Megatronus who had caused the ship to crash intentionally. As it passed through Earth's atmosphere, the ship broke apart in two halves, thus stranding Fixit in the prow of the ship where he was stationed. The crash also enabled deactivation of most of the stasis cells that were intended to keep its inmates under control. Fixit sustained major damage in the crash, leaving him with his verbal tic, major gaps in his memory, and an inability to access his weapons systems.

Fixit struggled to reactivate the ship while trying to reestablish contact with Cybertron, and was eventually found by Bumblebee and Strongarm, who had arrived on the planet in response to a vision from Optimus Prime. Fixit briefed them on the Alchemor and its cargo until the ship's tracking system eventually rebooted, and the pair went to investigate a nearby signal. The Autobots encountered Underbite, and ended up having a fight in the wreck of the Alchemor while Fixit tried to take cover with Russell.

RID 2015 Fixit and Russell Gif.gif

While the others pursued Underbite, Fixit failed to make friends with Sideswipe, and continued with his repair work in Pilot (Part 2). He was able to get a stasis cell back online and scrounge up some capture tools which he supplied to the rest of the team. After Underbite's defeat, he and the other Autobots moved their equipment to Denny Clay's scrapyard.

RID 2015 Fixit screenshot Trust Exercise.jpg

In Trust Exercises, Fixit informed the team about a sharkticon aboard a ship. Fixit also told Sideswipe and Strongarm to bring him back a soil sample on their mission. When Sideswipe returned to the scarpyard, Fixit and Russell told him about Strongarm being in trouble. Fixit was about to tell Bumblebee but Sideswipe told him he can handle it. Fixit covered for Sideswipe and Russell when Bumblebee returned to the base with Grimlock who was soaking wet. Fixit helped explained Hammerstrike's motives to Bumblebee before Bumblebee left with Grimlock. Fixit was happy when Sideswipe, Russell and Strongarm returned safely to the scrapyard.

More Than Meets the Eye screenshot Fixit arms out.jpg

In More than Meets the Eye, Fixit tried to cheer up Russell when he was feeling bored. Fixit smelled the helmet Russell was wearing, which belonged to Bronco Kowalski. When the team came back from capturing Bisk, Fixit found it thrilling and wanted to be a part of the action. Strongarm and Sideswipe told him he did not seem built for field work activity. Bumblebee tried to uplift Fixit's spirits but Grimlock made it worst for Fixit to get some self-esteem. However, Fixit proved quite helpful when he was in disguised to go on a mission with Denny Clay and Strongarm. This worked for a while until Fixit was caught by Chop Shop and used as his right arm. Fixit was used, against his will, to fight his team. He was able to get control and quickly punched around Chop Shop by stating he works for his own team. Bumblebee thanked Fixit for the help and dispatched Chop Shop. Grimlock could not believe Fixit punched Chop Shop when Fixit was telling the story. Bumblebee stated they would of never captured Chop Shop if it was not for Fixit and Grimlock congrats Fixit on it.

In W.W.O.D.?, Fixit had pointed that the location points of the stasis pods during Bumblebee's presentation looked like Megatron. Later, Fixit informed the team from the scrapyard during their mission to the Crown City Museum on Terrashock.

In As the Kospego Commands!, Fixit was tricked and taken advantage of by Sideswipe into moving some stasis pods around. He was nearly crushed by one but was saved by Bumblebee who informed Fixit that Sideswipe was just using him. When Strongarm brought a strange weapon to the scrapyard that she found at the Alchemor crash site, Fixit identified the weapon as a Decepticon Hunter, which he informed Russell about the weapon and its capabilities. Fixit also discovered an escaped Decepticon fugitive named Thunderhoof, who was tricking humans into doing his dirty work.

In Collect 'Em All, Fixit identified an escaped Decepticon fugitive named Filch. When Russell was showing Larry LaRue around the scrapyard, Fixit questions about Larry's camera but accidentally recorded himself through the camera. When Denny was rescued and Filch was captured by the Autobots, Denny had to agree with Larry's offer of buying some stuff from the scrapyard. Denny confiscates Larry's memory cards on his camera and Fixit still questions how they induced stellar fusion.

In True Colors, Fixit had shown Russell how he rigged up a security alarm for the scrapyard, though Russell was less than interested. When Grimlock starts attacking the Autobots, Fixit took it upon himself to defend against him, as he stated he was the official care taker of the Alchemor. Grimlock dispatched Fixit and left the Mini-Con weakened. Fixit instructed Russell to simply push the red button to start the proximity alarm but Russell ended up pulling some wires out. When Fixit was working on fixing the comms system, he soon discovered that Minitron was controlling Grimlock all along. Fixit warns Russell that they must warn the team before it is too late. While working on the comms system, Fixit was only able to get the comms system to play music instead. When he got through the comms system, Fixit and Russell informed the team about Minitron and that he was hiding somewhere on Grimlock's armor.

In Rumble in the Jungle, Fixit and Denny began to squabble with each other over Denny's participation in the repair of the Cybertronian weapons they had found over the time. This led an seemingly endless feud between the pair that caused not only disaster for Sideswipe, Russell, and Grimlock, but for their friendship as well. However, it was not until Russell, Sideswipe, and Grimlock succeeded in getting them to work together. They had rigged the Decepticon Hunter with a kazoo, which Fixit and Denny discovered in their efforts to repair the weapon. It worked as they managed to successfully fix the Decepticon Hunter together and it also enabled them to make more Decepticon Hunters.

In Can You Dig It?, Fixit, Denny, Russell, and the other Autobots met up with Jazz, who found his way into the scrapyard in the night. When Ped attacked the scrapyard the next morning, Fixit identified the fugitive to the others and about Ped's mandibles creating a sting that Sideswipe soon discovered when he attempted to attack Ped. The team worked together in setting a trap for Ped, only to be trapped in a large hole. When they made their way out, despite Fixit being hit in the face a few times, Ped was soon trapped in a stasis pod.

In Adventures in Bumblebee-Sitting!, Strongarm worked with Fixit in extracting one of Quillfire's quills from Bumblebee's posterior. Later, he guided Strongarm and Grimlock in locating the Decepticon.

In Hunting Season, Fixit gave the Autobots coordinates to the site of two Cybertronian ship landings. They soon returned with Drift and his two Mini-Cons, Jetstorm and Slipstream. When Fracture showed up in the scrapyard, Fixit had detected that a "cybertronian life signature", which turned out to be micro-drones that Fracture had used to spy on the Autobots. During the fight in the scrapyard, Fixit protected Russell over Fracture's Mini-Cons as they made an attempt to bluff the Decepticons with a video game. Although it backfired as the screen stated "Game Over", they were all saved when Jetstorm and Slipstream freed the trapped Autobots on Fracture's ship while they took control over it. After Fracture and his Mini-Cons escaped, Drift left with his Mini-Cons. Fixit informed Bumblebee that while Fracture's ship was salvageable, its GroundBridge still works.

In Out of Focus, Fixit alerted Bumblebee to four Decepticon signals that he detected. While on the team were on their mission, Fixit identified the four escaped Decepticon criminals as Malodor and his crew of Skunkticons. When the automated dam was about to dump a load of water, Fixit assisted Bumblebee remotely in shutting down the emergency locks.

In Sideways, Fixit and Denny managed to finish two replica Decepticon Hunters, which they presented to Strongarm and Sideswipe. Fixit also informed Bee's team about their Decepticon fugitive name Clampdown.

In Even Robots Have Nightmares, after a trip to scavenge energon with Bumblebee and Denny, Fixit joined the team as they hunted for a Decepticon in a nearby cave. The team, including the terrified Fixit, were captured by Nightstrike, who imprisoned them all in his cocoons after he caused them to live out their worst fears with his sonic scream. Fixit's nightmare was being thrown in a pile of junk and being called names that meant he was worthless. The team were able to break free and defeated Nightstrike as they managed to bring him back the scrapyard to be placed in a stasis pod.

In Some Body, Any Body, while on a mission in the subways, Sideswipe's head was detached from his body by a Decepticon scientist named Vertebreak. Fixit explained Vertebreak to the Autobots as he read that Vertebreak was imprisoned aboard the Alchemor before he could use his illegal act of cyber-grafting. Fixit and Bumblebee stumbled upon Vertebreak's lab where they found Sideswipe online with his head in a jar. Fixit got the job of reading Vertebreak's notes so he could reattach Sideswipe's head. Later after Vertebreak was defeated, Fixit performed the operation which turned out to be successful. Although Sideswipe was temporarily left unable to transform, which was a glitch Fixit promised to repair, Fixit began to chat with Sideswipe about how he placed Sideswipe's head back on his body on their way back to the scrapyard.

In One of Our Mini-Cons Is Missing, Fixit warned the others of an incoming signal, which turned out to be Jetstorm. Fixit soon discovers Drift came to the scrapyard and detects that Quillfire and Springload have escaped from their stasis pods as they seemed to be traveling together. While the Autobots pursued the tank that Quillfire and Springload hijacked, Fixit assisted by helping maintain Denny's cover as an army major. After defeating the Decepticon pair, they were brought back to the scrapyard to be placed in stasis pods and Drift remains with Bumblebee's team with his Mini-Cons.

In Deep Trouble, after inadvertently flooding the scrapyard while GroundBridging the team to an undersea location, Fixit, Denny, and Russell were left to clean up the mess. Fixit told Bumblebee and the other Autobots about Octopunch and his motives. Fixit tried to make up his mess by finding Denny an antique car, which he only found a toy car. After Fixit apologized when the mess was all cleaned up, Denny accepted it and told Fixit to give him fair warning next time, which Fixit did when Bumblebee requested a GroundBridge. The team returned with an incapacitated Octopunch as they placed him in a stasis pod. Bumblebee ordered Fixit to patch up Grimlock's injury and while Fixit deployed his systems probe to check Grimlock's chest panel, Strongarm memorized the Mini-Cons that looked like Fixit from the ship. She decided to go on patrol after that.

In The Champ, when Groundpounder resurfaced taking part in the Rumbledome's demolition derby, Fixit was shocked to discover that the gladiatorial warrior actually was a cheat along with his coach Headlock. While Bumblebee, Drift, Sideswipe, and Strongarm were left temporarily out of the city limits, Bumblebee told Fixit, Denny, and Russell to get Grimlock in as a competitor for the demolition derby. Fixit acted as Grimlock's coach and tried to give him some advice in defeating Groundpounder. Fixit helped Grimlock take down Groundpounder by demonstrating moves on Groundpounder's manager Headlock. It worked as Grimlock easily dispatched Groundpounder. Grimlock and Fixit were presented the winner's trophy by Russell for the demolition derby.

In The Trouble with Fixit, after a major malfunction left Fixit stationary and repeating the word "escape", Russell, Denny, and the Autobots insisted that Fixit get repaired from his glitches before things could get any worse. Fixit asked Denny to perform the diagnostic over Jetstorm and Slipstream. However Fixit's original guard programming reactivated during the procedure. The more robotic guard Fixit revealed a plethora of weapon systems and began hunting down the Autobots, mistaking them for escaped prisoners. The escape of Chop Shop turned his attention from his friends long enough for Denny to deactivate him and restore him to his regular self once more.

In Lockout, Fixit picked up a Decepticon signal from outside the scrapyard, which belonged to Kickback. Unfortunately, Kickback was bait for the other Autobots, and while the other Autobots were out Steeljaw and his gang broke into the scrapyard, intending to free their Decepticon brethren. Pressganged into following Steeljaw's orders, Fixit managed to stall long enough for the Clays to rig up a distraction. Although he was eventually forced to deactivate the stasis pods, the Autobots managed to retake their base and reactivate the stasis pods before any more Decepticons could escape.

In Similarly Different, Fixit tried to help Russel spy on Denny's attempt to build a new trailer for his son. He later called up information on the Decepticon thug Scowl to assure Grimlock that Scowl had no intention of changing his ways. After Fixit and the Clays worked together to finish off the new trailer, they all celebrated by boogieing down to some disco music.

In The Buzz on Windblade, the Autobots met Windblade, another Autobot on a mission of her own. She won over Fixit by complimenting, referring to him as "sparkbreaker", on his knowledge and technical expertise, and helped him to pinpoint a concealed Decepticon signal. When the other Autobots set out to recapture Zizza, Fixit recounted Zizza's rap sheet, and helped to redirect air traffic away from the fight. When Zizza was captured, Fixit informed Bumblebee that her human controlled workers will go back to normal with no memory of the incident.

In Ghosts and Impostors, after the Autobots decided to take a vacation of their own, Fixit helped by GroundBridging them to a random location on Earth. This turned out to be an active volcano, which wasn't as pleasant as he had hoped. Fixit tried again and sent them to scenic Edmondville. He later told Bumblebee that he was "ending his career as a travel agent" and helped fill them in on Pseudo, who was also hiding out in the town, and opened a GroundBridge home after Pseudo had been captured. Fixit asked about their trip over the comms in hopes that they brought him back from lizard samples but instead received no feedback as the team were watching a sunset.

In Battlegrounds, Part 1, when Strongarm and Sideswipe were kidnapped by Steeljaw and his pack, Fixit managed to pinpoint the Decepticon's base. While the Autobots were out, Fracture and his Mini-Cons broke into the base and cornered Fixit and the Clays. While the trio hide, they gathered weapons that they could find, which they all had the ability to do little to no permanent damage. However, they were saved by a resurrected Optimus Prime and Fixit gave Optimus to coordinates to Bumblebee and his team.

In Battlegrounds, Part 2, Fixit informed the other Autobots about Megatronus, who Fixit read about him. Megatronus had turned on the other Primes and destroyed Solus Prime, which he had also returned to the material plane. After Megatronus was defeated by Bumblebee's team, Fixit opted to stay on Earth with the rest of the Autobot team.

Season 2

Fixit engaged in playing Go Fish with Denny in Overloaded, Part 1. After detecting a Decepticon in the Arctic, Fixit had to deal with the fallout from a GroundBridge explosion and Grimlock's attempts to help, then ended up running for cover when Overload attacked the scrapyard with Denny and Russell. He also filled the humans in on Overload and his history with Bumblebee.

On request in Overloaded, Part 2, he looked up Polarclaw for Optimus when the away team encountered the Decepticon in the Arctic.

In Metal Meltdown, after detecting a new Decepticon, Fixit was perturbed by the fact the newcomer wasn't in the Alchemor databanks, and more so when he was able to connect to a Cybertronian database and disturbingly confirm that Saberhorn was definitely an Alchemor prisoner despite his manifest listing no Decepticon with that name.

In Suspended, when Strongarm became demoralized following some mishaps during a Decepticon hunt, Fixit had to install Grimlock's trailer hitch to the back end of Bumblebee much to Bumblebee's discomfort. Fixit also attempted to cheer Strongarm up by creating a console so she could use the Alchemor's systems to help out, much to Denny's excitement which he ended up spinning Fixit around and Fixit stated so long as Denny did not do that again. However, this resulted in her accidentally triggering the base's security system which Fixit and Denny had to deactivate. He and Denny later helped prepare her to save some humans. After Strongarm saved the humans from a fire, Fixit was happy she was back in her normal state of mind. She was close to destroying Denny's gnomes, much to Fixit, Grimlock, and Denny's warnings. However, she did not harm the gnomes and stated she was a professional as she laughed with her team.

Fixit was contacted by Optimus, despite the away team not giving Fixit any form of contact. Fixit was able to look up Swelter and Glacius for Optimus's team, but turned up no information on Razorpaw in Cover Me.

In Brainpower, Fixit attempted to help Grimlock better himself by downloading a study guide from a Cybertronian data cylinder into his brain, however a mishap resulted in Grimlock becoming a super genius with a limited life span. He was eventually able to come up with a solution, though his attempt to help Grimlock defeat Simicore didn't work well through his aid as Grimlock was able to gain his moving ability back and defeated Simicore. At the scrapyard, Simicore and his Mini-Cons were placed in a stasis pod and Grimlock asked Fixit for a study guide that had pictures in it.

In Misdirection, when a wounded Steeljaw turned up in the Autobots' doorstep, it turned out that the Con had been feigning. Steeljaw captured Fixit, Denny and Russell in a subsonic field as he revealed to them about their situation and freed many of the prisoners while they remained helpless to stop him. However, Strongarm showed up to fight Steeljaw as the trio were watching, which Fixit wanted Strongarm to do the "Praxus Piledriver" on Steeljaw. Though Strongarm had the upper hand, Steeljaw used his controller to hurt the trio in his subsonic field. Strongarm stole his controller and used it to rescue the trio, despite Steeljaw getting away.

In Bumblebee's Night Off, Fixit helped as the Autobots tried to track down the new group of Decepticons operating in the area. He was able to determine that the Cons would be after a sound board, leading Bumblebee and Russell to stake out a Rear Axle concert. Bumblebee captured Bisk and his Mini-Cons as he returned with Russell to the scrapyard where they informed the others about their time at the concert.

Fixit in Grimlock's vehicle disguise the Dino-Crane

In Impounded, when Grimlock was banned from field missions due to being too hard to conceal, Fixit produced a list of potential disguises and ended up disguising Grimlock as a crane. He accompanied and provided cover for Grimlock as they drove in traffic then found themselves in a predicament with Quillfire and his Mini-Cons. Fixit helped Grimlock by using his drill hand to fling parts at the two Mini-Cons, resulting in the three Decepticons fleeing shortly before Bumblebee and Strongarm arrive on the scene. Bumblebee allows Grimlock to accompany them and they were soon able to capture all three of the Decepticons with Grimlock's assistance. On the way back to the scrapyard with their incapacitated Decepticons, Fixit was overjoyed when the disguise worked and Bumblebee allowed Grimlock back onto the field missions. Grimlock and Fixit both sing on the way home.

In Graduation Exercises, though he was unable to contact Bumblebee for Optimus Prime, he was able to assist the Autobot leader by looking up Stockade, and later sent Grimlock to help the other team.

In Decepticon Island (Part 1), Fixit was present when the Bee Team reunited with Ratchet, who had come to Earth in pursuit of a Decepticon. Shortly afterwards, another Alchemor Mini-Con named Toolbox arrived. Fixit was shocked and soon gave him a tune-up. When Fixit's jogged his by the presence of his old shipmate, Fixit realized that there had been more to the Alchemor than the section he had been assigned as he learned from Toolbox about the other half of the ship and how the other Mini-Cons were forced to work for the escaped Decepticons. Fixit helped to deactivate the inhibitor collar that had been affixed to the Mini-Con. Fixit also helped Grimlock as the team were getting ready and he stayed behind with Denny and Russell as backup when the team took to the water to assault "Decepticon Island" - the back half of the Alchemor, which had been overrun by Decepticon escapees.

In Decepticon Island (Part 2), as Fixit was feeling guilty about having to stay behind, Fixit commandeered a boat and headed off to the wreck himself. Fixit sneaked in and arrived just in time to save one of his comrades from being brutalized by a Vehicon. Just in time, Strongarm and Sideswipe managed to deactivate the Mini-Con's collars and Fixit wound up leading the charge against their Decepticon tormentors. Acting on a distress call from Toolbox, Fixit and his new army stormed the ventilation room, just in time to provide Optimus and Bumblebee with some much-needed firepower against a supercharged Steeljaw. As Optimus and Bumblebee held Steeljaw, Fixit and his fellow Mini-Cons uses their system probes to zap Steeljaw's arm into letting go of the weapon which proved successful as Steeljaw was defeated and the stasis bomb was set. Fixit and his Mini-Cons escape by riding their system probes on Bumblebee and Optimus as they headed back to the boats where the other Autobots were waiting. They all escaped from the stasis bomb as it activated on the island and Fixit checked that all of the Decepticons were in stasis. With the Decepticons in stasis thanks to a cryo-gas bomb, Fixit bid farewell to Toolbox and the other Mini-Cons, insisting that he had a new home with Bumblebee and his crew on Earth. Fixit headed back the scrapyard with the rest of the team.

Season 2 1/2

In History Lessons, Fixit indulged Bumblebee's desire to take his team on a tour of historically significant sites on Earth. When during their visit to Autobot Outpost Omega One, the team stumbled on a bomb, they asked Fixit to look up how to disarm it, however in the end they lost comms with him and had to improvise.

In Strongarm´s Big Score, Fixit prepared PASERQuAT scores for everyone, resulting in Strongarm insisting on taking him along with her on her next mission so she could improve her score. The pair encountered Scatterspike and Sawtooth at Mount St. Hilary, engaged in a drilling operation that threatened to cause the volcano to erupt, and when Fixit and Sawtooth became trapped in the main cavern, Fixit had to instruct Strongarm on preventing the eruption. He later raised Strongarm's score by a point and half, and in return she prepared a score for him, but (to his great distress) wouldn't tell him what it was.

In Pretzel Logic, Fixit had the rest of the team report in as they searched more sites of Cybertronian significance.

In Mighty Big Trouble, following a mishap with a high energy pulse generator, Fixit, Jetstorm and Slipstream were the butt of yet another of Sideswipe's jokes, leaving them mad at him. After the scrapyard was temporarily invaded by the Weaponizer Mini-Cons, the trio were abducted by Starscream, and used as leverage to also capture Bumblebee.

In Mini-Con Madness, the three Mini-Cons were imprisoned aboard Starscream's ship, and set about trying to escape. Fixit had the idea of getting Jetstorm out via a vent in the roof.

In Worthy, Jetstorm later returned to free Fixit and Slipstream, and the trio rescued Bumblebee. After Starscream merged with the Weaponizer Mini-Cons, Fixit was able to use a signal to force a separation. Fixit later forgave Sideswipe for his earlier comments, and upgraded the Weaponizers' ship to be capable of spaceflight. After saying farewell to Optimus, Team Bee rolled out to check more sites of Cybertronian significance... except for Fixit who was left to make his own way back to the scrapyard.

Season 3

In King of the Hill (Part 1), Fixit picked up reports suggesting a Decepticon was on the loose, though he couldn't detect a signal. On Bumblebee's orders, he GroundBridged Strongarm and Sideswipe to investigate, and later sent the rest of the team to join them when the Decepticon proved more than they could handle.

In Defrosted, Fixit became addicted to Russell's handheld game, refusing to give it back, and continuing to play it while sending the rest of the team on another mission. He attempted and failed to cheat at the game, and eventually it broke when he dropped it during the team's return.

In Blurred, as the team tried to stop a stricken plane from crashing into one of Windblade's caches, Fixit kept them updated on the state of the pilot and was able to fill them in on the Decepticon, Ragebyte, who was the sole occupant of the cache.

In Sphere of Influence, along wit the rest of the team, Fixit found himself drawn to desire the Sphere of Doradus, though once the rest of the team drove off with it, the effect faded and he was able to come up with some more information on the relic for them.

In Bee Cool, though unable to find the parts to build Bumblebee a new Decepticon Hunter, Fixit managed to determine the location of one of Windblade's caches in West Rock which contained one. He had trouble tracking Drag Strip and Wildbreak due to the intense interference in the city.

In The Great Divide, after the rest of the Bee Team were again merge into a giant robot, Fixit worked on determining what had happened, and came up with a way to merge Sideswipe back into one bot.

In Get a Clue, when he heard Strongarm missed the Academy, Fixit attempted to help by getting her to select a specialty, leading her to use her detective skills to solve a series of Decepticon thefts.

In Out of the Shadows, another experiment with combining resulted in Fixit combining Sideswipe and Grimlock, though the results were less than desirable. He was able to track Jetstorm and Slipstream after the pair were abducted by Shadow Raker.

In Disordered Personalities, Fixit continued his experiments, but only succeeded in body-swapping the entire team. After repairing the equipment, he successfully swapped them back, but zapped himself into the control console.

In Guilty as Charged, Strongarm's friend Nightra turned up at the scrapyard and was captured by a 'Con named Blastwave. Fixit was able to GroundBridge the team onto the 'Con's ship, at which point they discovered Blastwave was actually an Autobot bounty hunter, and Nightra was the criminal he was after.

In The Golden Knight, learning that a mission would take them to England, Fixit, chivalry-mad from a movie marathon with Russell, insisted on accompanying Bumblebee and ended up having to help stop Flamesnort's seismic-shock warhead from destroying the planet. After the mission, Fixit was knighted as Sir Fix of It.

In The Fastest Bot Alive!, another of Fixit's combiner experiments managed to merge Bumblebee and Strongarm into Bumblearm, but also left Grimlock with super speed.

In Railroad Rage, a mission involving a maglev train required Fixit to perform the tricky task of GroundBridging the team onto a moving target.

In Combine and Conquer, with Bumblebee frustrated at the lack of progress, Fixit stepped up his work in figuring out the combiner process. With the help of Denny in overcoming the loss of his plasmodic capacitor, Fixit was able to complete some equipment to help the Autobots combined, though after a successful field test, it turned out the equipment hadn't been plugged in.

In Moon Breaker, during a mission to the moon, Fixit assisted Optimus Prime in disabling a weapons satellite that had been nudged out of orbit by an impromptu space battle between the Autobots and Stunticons. The pair rejoined the rest of the team to find the Stunticons had been defeated for good.

In Exiles, an assault on the scrapyard drove the Autobots from their home and forced them to seek refuge in the nearby cave system. Fixit took a tech detector with him which he was able to use to point the rest of the team in the direction of the Decepticons at Crown River Dam.

In Breathing Room, while being separated from his technology, Fixit only retained his sanity by imagining that all of his equipment was in the cave. Bumblebee took the Mini-con with him to scout for other potential bases, and when 'Bee was captured by Steeljaw's pack, Fixit followed discretely and was able to use his skills to infiltrate the enemy camp and help free 'Bee, Strongarm and Sideswipe.

In Prepare for Departure, while the other Autobots were out on a mission, Fixit was discovered by an alien-hunting hermit, forcing Denny and Russell to come up with a cover story.

In Prisoner Principles, Fixit later sent the Autobots off on a mission to stop Steeljaw's pack at the nuclear plant, and when the group was captured, had to rig up impromptu cells to hold them.

In Collateral Damage, following the capture of Soundwave, Fixit dressed up as a damsel in distress for Sideswipe's performance of Showcase of Shivers.

In Something He Ate, the Autobots returned to the scrapyard, only for Underbite to escape and eat a chunk of the GroundBridge. With the 'Con teleporting randomly, Fixit rigged up the rest of the GroundBridge to teleport Underbite back and disabled the field generator using an electromagnet.

In Sick as a Bot, after an attack by Wingcode left Bumblebee, Strongarm and Sideswipe in a slowly deteriorating state, Fixit was only able to create a cure once Grimlock and Bulkhead captured the Decepticon.

In Five Fugitives, Fixit, along with the rest of the team, were arrested by Dropforge. After it turned out the lawbot was under mind control, Fixit was successful in inoculating him and his men from any further control.

In Enemy of My Enemy, a visit from Optimus Prime resulted in Fixit piloting Prime Force One to Cybertron to confront the Autobot council. On arrival, the team was surrounded by security.

In Freedom Fighters, aided by Dropforge and Steeljaw, the team infiltrated the High Council Tower, where Fixit set about locating the mind control signal controlling the population. He successfully located it, allowing Steeljaw to destroy it, freeing Cybertron from the influence of the Decepticons masquerading as the council. In the aftermath, Optimus appointed the team as ambassadors to Earth.


Fixit is a rather polite, playful and often hyperactive Mini-Con who is very dedicated to his work. Although his weakness seem to be his gullibility and nervous in some cases, he still remains a vital member to his team. He keeps himself to his work and remains positive at most situations while other moments he may anxious, or the need to help out his teammates.


Ever since the Alchemor crashed, Fixit apparently remained the only Mini-Con or surviving Mini-Con to live through the crash. However, Fixit suffered a little damage to his systems. For instance, Fixit would mess up on saying sentences from time, but others would have to knock him or he would have to knock himself to say the right sentence. It was revealed in The Trouble with Fixit that Fixit tends to have glitches and would go into his original command programming in securing prisoners.


Robots in Disguise

Season 1

Season 2

Season 2 1/2

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Fixit and Bee.jpg

Fixit met Bumblebee in Pilot (Part 1) where he informed Bumblebee and Strongarm about the Alchemor crashing on Earth and releasing its prisoners as well. During a fight with Underbite, Bumblebee saved Fixit and Russell.

In Pilot (Part 2), Fixit provided Bumblebee and Strongarm weapons to recapture Underbite. After Underbite was successfully captured, Fixit was include in the team.

In Trust Exercises, Fixit informed Bumblebee on the team's whereabouts and provided him information on Hammerstrike.

In More than Meets the Eye, Bumblebee told Fixit he plays an important part on their team despite Fixit feeling left out of the action. Fixit proved himself when he was able to take down Chop Shop. Bumblebee was impressed by Fixit and told the others they would of never caught Chop Shop without Fixit.

In As the Kospego Commands!, Bumblebee saved Fixit from getting crushed by a stasis pod. Throughout some missions, Bumblebee relies on Fixit for providing useful information on escaped Decepticon fugitives from the Alchemor.

Bumblebee regards Fixit as an important and helpful team member on his team. Bumblebee respects, protects, and cares about Fixit. They both remain good friends on their team.


Fixit and Strongarm.jpg

Fixit and Strongarm met in Pilot (Part 1). Fixit told her and Bumblebee about the escaped prisoners from the crashed Alchemor ship. Strongarm questioned how many was several and Fixit responded by stating it could be a couple of hundred. After the team captured and apprehended Underbite, the squabble had begun.

In More than Meets the Eye, Strongarm told Fixit that he was to remain at his station since he is a Mini-Con despite Fixit wanting to get in on the action. However, Fixit proved himself to Strongarm and the other members of the team when he helped capture Chop Shop. Strongarm seemed most impressed at Fixit and seemed to regard him with more respect than what he appeared.

Strongarm respects, protects, and cares for Fixit. They also remain good friends on their team.


Sideswipe and Fixit.png

Fixit met up wit Sideswipe in Pilot (Part 2). Sideswipe finds Fixit's constant chatter to be uninteresting.

In More than Meets the Eye, Sideswipe told Fixit he did not seem to be built for action. However, Fixit proved himself to Sideswipe and the other members of the team when he helped them apprehend Chop Shop.

In As the Kospego Commands!, Sideswipe tricked Fixit into stacking the stasis pods by himself.

In Rumble in the Jungle, Sideswipe, Russell and Grimlock helped settled a dispute between Fixit and Denny.

In Some Body, Any Body, Sideswipe's head was detached from his body and Fixit was in charge of reading Vertebreak's notes so he could repair Sideswipe's head back to his body. The operation was a success, but Sideswipe was temporarily left unable to transform as Fixit stated he would fix the glitch. Fixit kept Sideswipe company and told him the steps on how he repaired Sideswipe's head, which made Sideswipe beg Bumblebee to wait up.

While Sideswipe does not find Fixit's chatter fun, he does care and protect Fixit. They are friends and remain close teammates.

Russell Clay

RID 2015 Fixit and Russell Gif.gif

In Pilot (Part 1), Fixit met Russell. They both were hiding behind a stasis pod as Bumblebee, Sideswipe and Strongarm were fighting Underbite.

In Rumble in the Jungle, Russell, Sideswipe and Grimlock settled a fight between Fixit and Denny Clay.

In Hunting Season, Fixit protected Russell from one of Fracture's Mini-Cons.

In Similarly Different, Fixit helped Russell in trying to get his dad from fixing Russell an RV that's all Denny style but ended up dancing with Russell and Dennny when they successfully setup Russell's RV. Russell would often look to Fixit for support, advice, or company. He regards Fixit as an ally and family.

Since Fixit is just about Russell and Denny's human height level, he would be able to hang out with them more often and would fit through the same rooms as they do.


Fixit and Grimlock winning the winner's trophy.

In Pilot (Part 1), Fixit attempted to get Grimlock back in his cell, to no avail.

In More than Meets the Eye, Grimlock praised Fixit when the Mini-Con took out Chop Shop.

In Rumble in the Jungle, Grimlock worked with Russell and Sideswipe in successfully dissolving a feud between Denny and Fixit.

In The Champ, Fixit coached Grimlock on fighting Groundpounder and they both proved were victorious as they received the winner's trophy by Russell.

Grimlock as shown to be very grateful for Fixit's help as shown in Brainpower where Fixit helped Grimlock download a test and cured Grimlock from eventual degradation.

Fixit also gave Grimlock a new disguise in Impounded and they both sing as the disguise worked in helping the Autobots capture Quillfire and his Mini-Cons.

Grimlock sees Fixit as a great teammate and ally.

Denny Clay

Denny helped Fixit and the Autobots setup a base in his scrapyard.

In Rumble in the Jungle, both Fixit and Denny clashed over their positions in the team but with the help from Sideswipe, Grimlock, and Russell (who were all unfortunately involved in the situation), their feud ended as they were able to fix the Decepticon Hunter and made more from it.

In The Trouble with Fixit, Fixit was in need of repairs and he asked Denny to help him, which Denny agreed. Denny felt really guilty for trying to fix Fixit but ended up setting him in his security sentry mode. However, he made up for his mistake by disabling Fixit and reprogramming him back to his "normal" state, which Fixit was thankful for even though he does not remember what happened.

In Overloaded, Part 1, Fixit was playing Go Fish with Denny. Denny and Fixit have a friendship that appears to be closer like a family.


Fixit and Drift rarely interact but they appear to get along quite well and cooperatively as allies.

Jetstorm and Slipstream

Fixit seems to get along well with both Jetstorm and Slipstream. The Mini-Cons also have the same interaction with Fixit as they protected him and Russell from Fracture's Mini-Cons in Hunting Season.


Fixit appeared enlightened when Windblade complimented his knowledge and technical expertise as she called him "sparkbreaker" (which became Fixit's username in Suspended for shutting down the scrapyard's defenses). With little interaction, they both appear good allies.

Optimus Prime

Fixit met Optimus in Battlegrounds, Part 1 where he was surprised to see him appear so suddenly. Optimus seems to rely more on Fixit to explain some of the Decepticon escapees such as Polarclaw in Overloaded, Part 2, Razorpaw and his Mini-Cons Glacius and Swelter in Cover Me, and about Stockade in Graduation Exercises.


Toolbox made a sudden appearance in the scrapyard in Decepticon Island (Part 1) where he was tuned up by Fixit. Toolbox revealed to Fixit and the other Autobots about the other half of the Alchemor and about the Decepticons prisoners who overthrew Toolbox and the other Mini-Cons as they were forced to work for them.

In Decepticon Island (Part 2), Fixit and Toolbox took part with their fellow freed Mini-Cons in fighting a super-powered Steeljaw as they provided aid for both Bumblebee and Optimus. After Steeljaw was defeated and all of the Decepticons were in stasis, Toolbox thanks Fixit as they shared their farewell handshakes and referred to Fixit as cousin.


Chop Shop

Chop Shop used Fixit as a replacement right arm. He used Fixit to hit the Autobots against Fixit's will. However, Fixit was soon able to prevent Chop Shop from hitting Bumblebee and started to hit Chop Shop back. He emerged victorious and Chop Shop ejected Fixit, which ultimately enabled Bumblebee to take out Chop Shop thanks to Fixit's aid.


Steeljaw was very forceful on Fixit as shown in Lockout where he forced the Mini-Con to open the stasis pods several times but Fixit was able to outwit the Decepticon from releasing the Decepticon prisoners.

In Misdirection, Steeljaw had feigned an injury to get into the scrapyard and soon trapped Fixit, Denny, and Russell in a force field with his remote controller then proceeded to release some of his fellow Decepticons. When the Decepticons left, Strongarm came to fight Steeljaw, which prompted Fixit to urge Strongarm to do the Praxus Piledriver on Steeljaw. Strongarm was able to defeat Steeljaw and freed Fixit and the humans even with Steeljaw escaping.

In Decepticon Island (Part 2), Fixit and his fellow Mini-Cons were of much help in fighting against a super-powered Steeljaw and they proved helpful as Optimus and Bumblebee defeated Steeljaw.


  • It is revealed in Portals that he was not the only Mini-Con assigned to the Alchemor as there were others like that acted as guards.
  • Fixit has built in weapons but he seems to not have access to them.
  • Since Ratchet served as the Autobot medical officer for Team Prime, Fixit seems to be quite the expert in the medical field. It is revealed he is also a security guard-bot.


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