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Yoketron five servo

Yoketron? More like Egg Yolketron

Sentinel has incredible success capturing fugitive Deceptions, leading Prowl to suspect he's getting help.

Japanese title: "'The Master's Keepsake" (師匠の形見 Shishou no Katami)


Note: The flashback scene is written in italics
Animated Sunstorm and sentinel prime

Brilliant but jerkish work you got there, Sentinel Jerk.

The Autobots were duped by a beacon. Optimus sees someone wearing a helmet, he looks and it was not the person wearing the helmet but Sunstorm captured by Sentinel Prime.

On the elite guard ship, Sentinel puts the Syco in jail next to Blitzwing and Swindle who were also in jail, the others don't know how they got the Decepticons easily.

Optimus wants Prowl to check which helmet did Optimus saw. It resembled what Prowl used to wear in A Fistful of Energon. A flashback takes over Prowl.

A old warrior named Yoketron was teaching a childish misbehaving young Prowl who was brought in by Warpath. Prowl tries to escape but instead, he went cleaning up the mess.

Prowl was interrupted by Optimus and decided to head back to the ship.

Once there, Jazz was wondering if Yoketron is still alive. Sentinal didn't think Yoketron was still online and laughs. He went on another search for Decepticons. The ninjas went following him but they lost his signal and another flashback interrupts the screen.

Yoketron knew Prowl was disguising as a wardrobe and brings him down. He tells Prowl that it is the ninja that is important not the weapon.

TFA Jazz's Dull Surprise

Jazz's Dull surprise.

The ninjas head back to the ship only to have Dull surprises when Lugnut became the new prisoner. Sentinal thinks Optimus is jealous and Prowl thinks that Sentinal has help. As he leave, he gets another flash back.

Yoketron teaches Prowl about all the moves about being a ninja. As Prowl's training is complete, Yoketron showed him the room of the fallen ninjas, He uses his Processor over matter to open the door.

Prowl realities Sentinel was coming and hides. Sentinel was contacting another bot and steals something. Prowl follows him. When they got to the Tigatron stage, Prowl was spying on Sentinal and found Sentinel was working with the no good part stealing bounty hunter to send The fibbing new prisoner to prison. Prowl tries to stop them. The Not lying Starscream breaks free from the fake cuffs and takes down Sentinel. Lockdown fights Prowl and tells him what happened to the Training temple.

2 dead yoketrons

Way to waste the emergency Protoforms Prowl!

Prowl finds the temple wrecked and most of the Protoforms gone and he finds the dying Yoketron without his helmet. He finds a spare Protoform and placed Yoketrons spark onto it. Apparently Yoketron wanted to die so he emptied his spark.

Prowl realises Lockdown took the Protoforms and decides to get revenge. The Liar starscream wasn't fighting the autobots and was just holding Sentinel for a friend. Lockdown gives Prowl the helmet which wrapped up Prowl and he brings him to his ship.

Inside, Lockdown prepares to remove Prowl's mods, while he was doing that, Prowl uses the Processor over matter to break free. Outside, the Liar Starscream was using Sentinel for a shield but drops him as he was covered with foam.

Lockdown realized Prowl broke free and attempts to slash him, however he gets kicked out. Optimus and Jazz used the big screen to flatten the con but Prowl was in the way. Luckily the Processor over matter saved Prowl, they cuffed the liar but Lockdown got away. They all head back to the ship

Back on the ship, they informed Cliffjumper that the Decepticons were captured and he informed them that Shockwave half destroyed Ultra Magnus.

While Prowl was getting use to the new armour in his room.


Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons


Jazz: "Deceived by a Decepticon. Who'd have thought?"

Yeah, who would have?

Optimus Prime: You got Swindle and Blitzwing too?
Sentinel Prime: Well, Swindle was stuck in vehicle mode; all I had to do was pay a fine and tow him away... but Blitzy' here was something else.

— That's the only battle Sentinel truly won on his own

Prowl (To Yoketron) "See ya!" (Transforms into cybertronian Vehicle mode)

— Wait, something's different about that Prowl.

Jazz: Okay, stealthy ain't exactly S.P's strong suit.

— And the long list of Sentinel's negatives continues to grow.

Jetfire: Sentinel Prime sir, please do tell us...
Jetstorm: How did you making capture this time?
Sentinel: He wasn't expecting the old piston drop or the fender bender, aw it's all about leverage. (Jet twins high five).

— So they don't understand Jazz's fighting slang, but they do understand Sentinel's?

Optimus: "Step away from the Autobot."
Ramjet: "What? This isn't my Autobot, I'm just holding it for a friend"

— So wait, it is his Autobot and he isn't holding it for a friend?

Ramjet: "That didn't hurt."

— The Liar, after a large chunk of Tigatron Stadium was dropped onto his head.

Jazz: "Wow! P over M! Sweeet!

— After Jazz sees Prowl use Processesor Over Matter (Hey, it worked this time! Unlike last time.)

Other Notes

Animation errors

  • Near the beginning on Sentinel's ship, Optimus is interrogating Sentinel. He appears to be 2-D from the chest down.
  • Prowl's Samurai armor is not worn in the sequence where the scoreboard falls on him, Lockdown, and Liar Starscream. However, it is present in the following sequence where Prowl exhibits his mastery over processor over matter.
  • During the first scene at the Elite Guard's ship's stockade, Blitzwing's changing his heads and when it comes to Hothead's, how can his massive chin fit in to the mouth clamp without potruding out? Then again, we can ask how that chin fits in Blitzwing's helmet in the first place, so yeah.

Continuity errors

  • What did Sentinel pay the fine for Swindle with anyway? That or "paying the fine" was code for "hiring Lockdown, who must've been pretty pissed off when he found out that all of Swindle's gear was deactivated".
  • Sentinel said he wouldn't remove Sunstorm's metal clamp because the last time they were "friendly" with Starscream who run away in the end. Now that excuse sucks, not only because muting a giant robot isn't going to stop them from escaping and this wasn't technically Starscream, but because the time Starscream was captured he had a metal clamp as well. Sentinel needs a new teacher in lying.
  • Given Cybertronians' ability to talk by sending signals directly to each other via comlink, clamping their mouths would not prevent Sentinel's captives from revealing his scheme.
    • Unless the clamp disables their comlink as well, which would only make sense.
  • If Prowl actually SAW Master Yoketron die, why did he accuse Sentinel of meeting with him?
Answer: His guilt must have eaten away at his logic and he must've missed his master quite terribly.
  • So why didn't anyone inform Cliffjumper about Longarm Prime's real identity?
Answer: The Earth team may have assumed that Cliffjumper figured it out.

Miscellaneous trivia

Tigatron Stadium

"The Box Office next to Tigatron Statium" = B.O.T..

  • While fighting Prowl in the stadium, Lockdown mentions the fact that he betrayed Yoketron, hinting at the fact that he was perhaps an Autobot or a Decepticon spy prior to becoming a bounty hunter.
    • Yoketron claims that one of his pupils brought shame on their order and was kicked out (leaving a space for Prowl). It's implied in the stadium fight that Lockdown was that pupil (though it could have been Oil Slick.)
  • So, Master Yoketron told Prowl about Project Omega. This would make Prowl closer to Ratchet's age than the others, though he is clearly young and experienced in the distant past (unlike the Ratchet of the Great War flashbacks) and so is not likely as old as the doc-bot. However, this does make Prowl quite older than Optimus Prime, as well as Sentinel, who hadn't seen a Decepticon up close as of Mission Accomplished.
  • The Autobots call Sunstorm "Starscream" instead of making any mention of his being a clone, though the Liar is referred to as "the Starscream" at one point.
  • As Prowl leaves the dojo immediately after being given his weapons, the sound of a zat gun from Stargate can be prominently heard in the background.
  • Warpath is a bit quieter and a bit more violent than his G1 counterpart, threatening to beat up the "peacenik" Prowl. He also still has the "BAM KAPOW" quirk, but he says it the same way he talks normally. Which is pretty creepy, actually.
  • Sunstorm's toy-given name wasn't given in the ending credits, both of the clones credited only as "Starscream."
  • We learn that apparently Ultra Magnus isn't dead (yet). Better luck next time, Shockwave.
  • This is the first episode where Lockdown is seen working for an Autobot. Guess Sentinel was willing to fork over the "Energon-y goodness" this time 'round.
  • This is the first episode in Transformers Animated where a Transformer has willingly extinguished his own Spark. One must wonder if the new body, created from a fresh Protoform (but seen going gray when Yoketron dies), will be usable. You gotta assume Yoketron didn't let himself die for nothing, though.
  • The first two helmets shown to Optimus by Prowl belong to Ultra Magnus and Blitzwing, respectively.
  • Prowl didn't recognize his master's helmet the first time he wore it. However, the helmet from that episode wasn't perfectly identical.
  • With Starscream bodiless, Megatron's weapons confiscated by Omega Supreme and the captured Decepticons disarmed by Lockdown, the Decepticons seem to be completely weaponless except for Thundercracker, Skywarp, Slipstream and Starscream's head with a gun in his mouth. Almost makes you wonder why the Autobots are so scared of these guys.
  • As of this episode, every main-cast Autobot had a flashback and had their Cybertronian vehicle mode revealed.
  • If everything the Liar clone says is a lie, one can only wonder if the "better deal" he offered Lockdown was real. Of course, in the event of a double-cross, Lockdown would be just as happy to take the Liar's blasters and leave the rest for the scrap heap.
  • Though all of the Liar's statements have been lies thus far, he has shown the ability to ask questions without the need to make them misleading, as well as make genuine surprise reactions, such as to Safeguard's attack.
  • This is another of the few Transformers Animated episodes in which there are no humans at all. Except for Prowl's Mustache Man, but that's a hologram, so it doesn't count.
  • This is Blitzwing's first appearance in the third season.
  • Third episode of no Sari. Slag!
  • How did Prowl know that everything Ramjet the Liar says is untrue?
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