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Five Faces of Darkness is the five-part season premiere of the third season of the G1 animated series. It was a direct sequel to the events of the animated movie, though none of the celebrity voice actors returned to their roles, except for John Moschitta and Susan Blu.

These episodes are infamous for poor art and animation quality; but from a storytelling perspective they provide a great deal of world building by telling much information about ancient Transformer history, and either establish or reinforce in-character behavior for practically every member of the cast.

Galvatron returns to lead the Decepticons, and Rodimus Prime has a head-trip into the Matrix to learn the history of the Autobots. FFoD is the first American appearance of Trypticon, who smashes the Ark, and Metroplex, who have a rumble (which is neither red nor blue). Also the first appearance of Sky Lynx, Predaking, the Skuxxoid, and the offensive Abdul Fakkadi.

All five episodes of Five Faces of Darkness were released as one DVD by Maverick Entertainment in the UK with a cover image featuring a rather toy-accurate depiction of Rodimus Prime in both robot and vehicle mode.[1]


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