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As a near death experience on Chaar allows Rodimus Prime to discover who kidnapped the Autobots, Cyclonus and Scourge head to rescue Galvatron...only to find that something is very wrong with their leader.

Five Faces of Darkness, Part 2 (Japanese title: "The Revived New Emperor of Destruction") is the second part of the five-part "Five faces of Darkness" Saga, is the second episode of third season of The Transformers and is the sixty-seventh episode of The Transformers series overall. It is overall the sixty-seventh episode of the G1 Era of Transformers.

Detailed synopsis[]

On Chaar, the Decepticons have discovered the snooping Rodimus Prime and Grimlock. However, the Decepticons cannot muster enough energy to power their weapons, so they opt to beat the two Autobots to death. They overwhelm the Rodimus and Grimlock, but scatter at the sight of a meteor...which turns out to be a Skuxxoid ship commandeered by Springer and Arcee. They grab Rodimus and Grimlock, but Rodimus is non-responsive. Cyclonus allows them to leave, as he has more pressing matters...such as finding Galvatron.

On Quintessa, the Quintessons are interrogating Kup. They seem to know the true answers to their questions, even though he lies. They learn that Cybertron is militarily secure, but that Kup is worried about Earth's security. Ultra Magnus and Spike are surprised that the Quintessons seem to know so much, but the Quintessons end their discussion by trying their hand at interrogating Spike.

Elsewhere, Springer sets the Skuxxoid ship down. A badly injured Rodimus is mumbling Springer's name and that of the Matrix, and Arcee believes that Rodimus is naming Springer as the new Autobot leader. Suddenly, Rodimus's life force disappears. Arcee assumes the worst, but Grimlock points out that the Matrix didn't appear, so he is still alive. As for Rodimus Prime's life force, it's going on a very trippy (yet poorly animated) journey through the Matrix, seeing Optimus Prime, a skull-like thing, a few robots...and the Quintessons. Coming back online, Rodimus realizes that it was the Quintessons who kidnapped the others, not the Decepticons.

Heading to Thrull, Cyclonus sends Scourge to pull Galvatron from the plasma pool. Cyclonus and the Sweeps greet their leader, only to discover that he has been driven insane by the plasma baths. Galvatron immediately proceeds to lay the smackdown on his would-be rescuers, but Scourge, who speaks crazy, manages to talk him down. Galvatron declares that they have an empire to regain, and they depart, but not before Galvatron destroys Thrull.

On Quintessa, Spike, Magnus, and Kup manage to take Judge Deliberata hostage, but the Quintessons merely sentence him to die in the Sharkticon tanks as well. Spike asks why they're being executed, and the Quintessons say that Spike is guilty of associating with the Autobots, who are guilty of theft. Magnus assumes that they are talking about the Decepticons, but the Quintessons point out that the Autobots inhabit Cybertron. Above, the Skuxxoid ship flies through the sky, only to be destroyed by the Quintessons' defense systems. However, the Autobots were not on board, instead arriving in Springer's copter mode. The Quintesson tribunal flees Grimlock's would-be assault, while Springer pulls the others out of the Sharkticon tank. The Aerialbots arrive with their escape ship. However, the Quintessons, obsessed with destroying the Matrix, detonate a core bomb on Quintessa. Safely in the distance, they watch their homeworld explode.

To be continued...


Original airdate: September 2, 1986

Production number: 700-87

Written by: Flint Dille

Featured Characters[]

("Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others

Memorable Quotes[]

"They just don't pack the wallop they used to."
"Yeah, because we're out of energy, dummy!"

Vortex andSwindle exposit for the audience.

"Mmm! Crunchy!"

Grimlock finds that Decepticon weapons taste great and are less filling.

Cyclonus: "Those miserable Skuxxoids."
Scourge: "They can't be working with the Autobots."
Swindle: "Aye, they sell out to anybody for the right price."
Cyclonus: "If anyone would know, Swindle..."

—It takes one to know one, Swindle.

Quintesson 1: "You are the Autobot Kup. You are Cybertron's chief of security."
Kup: "No, I'm Teaspoon, and I'm Cybertron's chief dishwasher."
Quintesson 2: "Zero percent probability of truth. Identification positive".
Quintesson 1: "Tell of Cybertron's defenses."
Kup: "Total shambles after the last great war. Three kids and a dog could take it."
Quintesson 2: "Four percent probability of truth. Defenses at optimum levels. Direct assault is not viable."

The Quintessons interrogate Kup.

"Me Grimlock love Arcee."

Grimlock loves Arcee for saving Rodimus. Join the club.

"Remember when we were shot down over the planet Quintessa, we were tried and sentenced to die?"
"Mmm. Me Grimlock rescue you."
"You must be kidding."

Rodimus Prime, Grimlock, and Arcee

"Right, we're going to get a fair trial and then they are going to execute us."

Kup notes on the Quintessons justice system.

"Pay us no mind, we to watch."

—The Quintessons creepily enjoy Sharkticons attacking Ultra Magnus, Kup and Spike.

Galvatron: "Who disturbs my plasma bath?"
Cyclonus: "Mighty Galvatron, we have come to deliver you from—"
Galvatron: "My Empire of Ash?!"
(Galvatron hits Cyclonus on the head.)
Galvatron: "My Bastion of Brimstone?! Rih!"
(Galvatron hits Cyclonus on the head. Again.)
Galvatron: "My Kingdom of Desolation?! Nnah!"
(Galvatron hits Cyclonus on the head yet again, and then punches him into the plasma pool.)
Galvatron: "Did I ask you for deliverance? Nnah! DID I?!"
(Galvatron kicks Cyclonus, who attempts to get out, back into the plasma pool. Then he proceeds to blow up a rock in the pool.)
Galvatron: "Hahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahaha! Ah, Cyclonus! How wonderful to see you again!"

Galvatron shows Cyclonus the true definition of craziness.

"Decepticons, your leader has returned! Long live the Empire! Long live... ahahaha GALVATRON! Hahahah."

Galvatron noting the humour at how totally screwed the Decepticons are.

"If you havent noticed these guys are crazy you're slower on the up take then i thought."

-Kup in the only time we admit the Quints might be more srewed up than Bay.

"Mighty Galvatron, I have learned your lesson! I now know not only that you are the leader, I also know why."
"Hm. Such insight is rare.... Watch out for this one, Cyclonus. One day, he might take your place."

Scourge and Galvatron speak crazy.


Animation and/or technical glitches[]


Eat more and grow bigger.

  • While walking with his fellow Decepticons, Rumble is as tall as Soundwave.
  • Silverbolt is really big when escaping from Quintessa. The Autobots could board him with no problem. Now THAT'S mass shifting.

Continuity errors[]

  • When Cyclonus is talking to the Decepticons before leaving, Kickback is with them.
  • Before his life force temporarily enters the Matrix, Rodimus says "My time in the light is short..." Arcee claims that's what Optimus Prime said when he was dying. But in the movie, Optimus actually said "Do not grieve. Soon, I shall be one with the Matrix..." Although the definition was largely the same.
    • Actually, an earlier script draft for the movie did contain the phrase, "My time in the light has ended." Since "Five Faces of Darkness" was presumably written around the same time, it appears that the "Five Faces" script accidentally retained the reference despite the deletion of the line in the movie's final draft script (and the completed film).
  • Rodimus Prime recalls the events of The Movie as though he and Kup were sentenced without knowing what their crimes were. But in The Movie, they were sentenced in spite of being found innocent.

Transformers references[]

Real-world references[]

  • Star Wars sound effects:
    • The Sweeps take off from Chaar, and later from Thrull (to escape Galvatron's onslaught) with the sound of the Millennium Falcon's engine burst noise (most likely flying past cam before landing on Yavin IV).
    • As Galvatron takes off from Thrull, a second Star Wars effect plays: this time the sound of the Death Star's combined superlaser beam streaking towards Alderaan. The Millennium Falcon effect is recycled as Cyclonus and company follow their leader.
  • The laser sound effect as the Autobot ship opens fire on the Quint gun emplacement is the same one used by the alien death rays in the original The War of the Worlds movie.
  • Spike describes a football game between the Lunar Colony team and "the Bears".


  • The episode marks the first appearance of Broadside.
  • Cyclonus spots Rodimus on top of the cliff, yet he doesn't recognize him as the one who threw Galvatron out of Unicron after he watched the screen in his memory bank earlier.


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