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Fistfight is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.

Fistfight is the Targetmaster "droid" partner to Shockwave. A sadistic little bugger, when he's not serving as a heavy-artillery "lightning rifle" for Shockwave, he's carefully dissecting late-model cars.

Note: The Action Master partner robots were given the "Targetmaster" classification retroactively by Dreamwave's More Than Meets The Eye profile series.


Generation One

  • Shockwave with Fistfight (Action Master, 1990)
Fistfight is a black and purple "droid" unit that was only available with Action Master Shockwave. Pressing a trigger on his top flips up a spring-loaded (non-firing) cannon from his main body. Fistfight can bend backwards at the spine to form a large "lightning cannon" mode. He can be held by any Action Master figure, and his barrel can attach any carded Action Master's hand-held weapon as an extension.


  • Like the similarly-designed Glitch, Fistfight's robot arms come off fairly easily, though the fit is tight enough to keep them in place normally. Nonetheless, this can lead to them being easily lost.

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