In an army dominated by the ground bound, Firestorm stands out as an Autobot with flight capabilities. Not only that, but in a straight line, there aren't many fliers that keep up with him. In battle he uses this to his advantage, dispensing with any aerial acrobatics, and simply relying on bombing runs at super-sonic speeds to get the job done.

He has the cutest little face in the world. Like they taught me back in flight school: hit 'em hard and hit 'em fast!


Voice actor: Andrew Kishino

Firestorm is a playable character in the Revenge of the Fallen game for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and DS versions:

PS3, Xbox 360 and PC stats
  • Primary Weapon: Beam Fusion Sniper Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: Burst Mini-Gun
  • Special Ability: Thermal Wave
  • Hit Points: 7
  • HP Regeneration: 6
  • Melee Damage: 6
  • Ballistic Damage: 8
  • Vehicle Speed: 8
DS stats
Firestorm is playable in the only 2 flying missions.
  • Primary Weapon: Flak Cannon
  • Secondary Weapon: F-35 missiles


[1][2]Breakaway (2009)

    • Japanese ID number: RA-05
Revenge of the Fallen Breakaway transforms into an approximation of an F-35 Lightning II/Joint Strike Fighter. His right arm features a rotary cannon with rotating barrel, activated by a gear-wheel embedded in his forearm. His Mech-Alive gimmick is located in his upper arms; turning his forearms makes the green gears turn. Breakaway does have a waist joint, but turning it is impossible because the tail fin (attached to his waist) tabs into his back. Surprisingly, unlike most deluxe figures, he actually has rolling landing gear.
Due to a design issue Breakaway's head always looks skyward while in robot mode. His tiny head is on a ball joint, but it is locked in place by a clear plastic piece of his jet mode's canopy. As a result, Breakaway can't move his head at all. It's possible to fix this by disassembling the toy's fuselage and shaving down the clear plastic piece.
Amusingly, the location of his head makes it look like he is riding himself in jet mode.

[3][4]A time flying on sunny day without sunscreen result just that!:Along with Sideways, Breakaway was initially released in two color schemes, a tan version and a less common dark bronze/gold version with additional green paint on its forearms.

Breakaway was retooled to make Revenge of the Fallen Thrust.

[5][6]*Autobot Strike Mission (Deluxe class figure multipack, 2009)

    • Accessories: Missile
Available as a Sam's Club-exclusive, Breakaway was packed with Movie Longarm, Rampage and a "battle damaged" version of Sideways.
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