Firestar is an Autobot who appears in the comic book series "Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters", which takes place after "Transformers Prime: Rage of the Dinobots".  


Beast Hunters issue 1

Firestar sought out Grimlock to request his help with an unknown thing that was terrorizing the outpost town of Last Spark, arriving just in time to aid Sludge against a swarm of Insecticons. Mistakenly believing her to be from New Kalis, Sludge took her to Grimlock, only for the Dinobot commander to fly into a berserker rage when he learned her true origin, declaring that Airwave and Last Spark had turned down their help before, and would receive none now. Nonetheless, Sludge and Snarl disobeyed Grimlock and accompanied Firestar back to her town, where she persuaded Airwave to accept their help. Taking them to where the bodies of the dead Autobots were stored, Firestar showed the two Dinobots that they had suffered strange wounds and were devoid of energon, suggesting that something other than an Insecticon was responsible.

Beast Hunters issue 2

When the Dinobots returned from their investigation of Kickback and his swarm, they told Firestar they needed to see the bodies in the crypt. What they discovered was that many of the bodies there, dead since before there were any attacks on the town, had also been drained of energon. Firestar told Airwave that they had to alert the others because the murderer was one of them, but unfortunately for her, it was in fact Airwave himself. He shot her in the back and left her for dead...which was a mistake on his part, because Firestar, after recovering, cut short her commander's rampage through Last Spark, stabbing him through the chest as he was about to kill Sludge. Afterward, she got the Dinobots medical help, but decided to stay behind in Last Spark rather than join the Dinobots at their base. 

Beast Hunters issue 3

Later, Firestar tried to alleviate Sludge's belief that the Autobots of Last Spark resented him and the other Dinobots, but could do nothing to defuse his frustration with the over-eager Dinobot groupie Zoom.

Beast Hunters issue 6

Last Spark was destroyed in a planet-wide cataclysm, leaving Firestar and Zoom the only survivors. They went in search of the Dinobots and encountered Sludge, whom Firestar filled in on what had happened. 

Beast Hunters issue 7

Just as they decided to head for the surface, they were attacked by a new threat. While Sludge attacked the creature, Firestar and Zoom went on towards the surface, only for the Predacon to catch up with them and carry off Zoom. Firestar made it to the surface where she found the Dinobots fighting Forged and warned them of the approaching Predacon. Grimlock promptly sent her to find Chromia and get the other survivors to safety.

Beast Hunters issue 8

The Autobots split into three groups to evade the Predacon, and Firestar went with Slug and Bulkhead, eventually making it safely back to Kaon. She looked over Grimlock's plans for a new city they planned to build named "New Spark".

Robots in Disguise

Following the restoration of Cybertron from the Great War, Firestar was one of the many Autobots blacklisted by the new High Council for being a supporter of Optimus Prime.


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