RB-toy Fireplug

Fireplug the Dalmatian-Bot joins Kade Burns in sniffing out then putting out fires that threaten Griffin Rock.


Playskool Heroes: Rescue Bots

  • Griffin Rock Garage (Playset, 2015)
    • Accessories: Water-missile
Fireplug is a robotic dalmatian who transforms into a "water" cannon in a single step (or two if you wanna adjust his hindlegs). In this mode, he can launch a spring-loaded water-blast missile (which has no place to store in doggie mode, unfortunately). His tail is a 5 mm post, so he can be attached to or held by larger toys.
Fireplug was first available as part of the Griffin Rock Garage set, along with Kade Burns.

  • Fireplug (Mini-Con, 2016)
    • Accessories: Water-missile
Fireplug was re-released by himself on a card as part of the third wave of Rescue Bots Mini-Cons with no notable changes from his Griffin Rock Garage playset release.


  • Though solicitations give Fireplug the full title of "Fireplug the Dalmatian-Bot", his on-package trademark is only for "Fireplug".
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