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Fireflight is an Autobot in the Universe conflict.

Fireflight is one of countless Autobots involved in the multidimensional war against Unicron and his forces. Fireflight is one of the good guys, fighting alongside Optimus Primal. He is accompanied by his Mini-Con allies Firebot and Thunderwing.

His relation to any other Fireflight is currently unknown.


Fan Club Cybertron comic

Fireflight is seen as part of Optimus Primal's forces in the final battle against Unicron's minions. It is presumed he escaped safely when Unicron began to vanish due to his death and collapse into the Unicron Singularity. Revelations Part 2


Universe (2003)

Universe2003 Fireflight toy
  • Fireflight with Firebot and Thunderwing (Deluxe, 2004)
    • Accessories: 2 missiles
A redeco of the Beast Machines Vehicon Spy Streak, Firelfight transforms into a Cybertronic stealth fighter similar to a "Blackbird". In both modes, he has a twin spring-loaded missile launcher, and his cockpit splits open to form a clamping claw. He came with the Mini-Cons Firebot and Thunderwing.
The final retail toy lacks the paint wash seen in Hasbro's stock photography.
This mold was also used to make Nightcruz.

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