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Fireflight combines a childlike sense of wonder with the soul of a daydreamer, resulting, unfortunately, in one major menace to airborne navigation. Near collisions and crashes come fast and frequent when he's around. If Aerialbots had to be certified to take to the air he'd have been grounded for life long ago. Fireflight means well and has a good heart, he just can't help losing himself in the beauty of the world when seen from the sky. It's hard for his teammates to get too mad at someone so filled with wonder and innocence, but at the same time it's also hard to fly next to someone who's never paying any attention to where he's going.

Fireflight combines with his fellow Aerialbots to form Superion.

French name (Canada): Boule de Feu
Japanese name: Firebolt
Italian name: Optor


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Thanks to his previous connection to the Creation Matrix, Buster Witwicky began experiencing dreams and visions of new Transformers, beginning with an etching of Superion he made without even being consciously aware of it. Devastation Derby! By sharing his visions with Optimus Prime, Buster was able to clarify the images and understand the future of the evolution of the Cybertronian race -- amalgam model robots like the Constructicons' Devastator, capable of a more-streamlined merging into a more powerful form. It was these visions which allowed Optimus Prime and Wheeljack to conceive of and construct the Aerialbots. Second Generation!

Working on a plan to reverse engineer the gestalt technology the Decepticons used to create Devastator, Optimus Prime and the Autobots staged a daring raid on the Decepticon base of operations, giving Bumblebee enough time to digitally record the Constructicon's electrical transformation pattern for study. Command Performances! Working off that blueprint, Wheeljack successfully created Fireflight and the Aerialbots. During the new warriors' testing phase, however, the Autobots were alerted to a Decepticon operation at Hoover Dam. Only the Aerialbots were fast enough to reach the location in time, and so Prime was forced to send them into battle before their programming was completed.

The unfinished programming quickly proved to be an issue, however -- only Silverbolt had received the personality directives that made human safety a top priority. When Fireflight's dogfighting with Dirge very nearly caused a deadly avalanche, the Aerialbot leader needed to directly order Fireflight to blast the rocks with his fire-fog missiles before anyone was killed.

The Aerialbots eventually turned the tide on the Decepticons and drove them off, giving them time to focus on the energy siphon which was the core of the problem. At Silverbolt's command, they merged into Superion and began dismantling the drill device. A problem arose, however, when Bombshell's cerebro-shell controlled pawn Ricky Vasquez pointed Megatron (in his gun mode) at the giant Autobot. Because the majority of the Aerialbots were not programmed specifically to protect human life, Superion only saw a potential threat that needed to be eliminated. As the human fought against the Decepticons' control, Silverbolt too fought inside Superion's gestalt mind to protect the human. In the end, Silverbolt was forced to disengage Superion to keep him from destroying the human. Luckily, Ricky was more successful and managed to break the cerebro-shell's hold long enough to point Megatron at the drill and destroy it, ending the threat. Aerialbots over America!

After the near disaster at Hoover Dam, Optimus Prime had the Aerialbots shut down and their programming completely erased. Returned to a blank slate, he then inputed fully-programmed personalities for them with the Matrix before their next mission. It, uh...didn't help. In battle with Menasor as Superion, the Aerialbots were attacked by Circuit Breaker, deactivated, and captured by RAAT. It was only a lucky break that they were eventually freed. Heavy Traffic!

As Grimlock took over the Autobots, Fireflight and the other Aerialbots took an extended leave of absence from the war, since the Dinobot commander focused Autobot resources on repairing their fallen comrades and prepping the Ark to become spaceworthy again.

Sometime later, it was Fireflight, Air Raid, Skydive who were the first to respond to a distress call from Buster Witwicky, the Autobots' old human ally who had been prisoner to the Decepticons for nearly a year. This led the combined Autobot and Decepticon forces into battle with Starscream, who had acquired the nigh-infinite power of the Underbase for himself. The Aerialbots were his first victims, wiped out in a single blast of cosmic power in the skies over New York City. Dark Star!

Along with the other deactivated Autobots aboard the Ark, Fireflight and the Aerialbots were eventually revived by the Nucleon super-energy Grimlock and the Dinobots recovered from Hydrus Four.

Note: These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. See Earthforce for details.

Fireflight was present with the entire Earthforce team outside Autobot Earthbase when Wheeljack unveiled his brand-new unbreachable defensive system. This was unfortunate, as Wheeljack had forgotten that, once activated, the system could only be turned off from the inside. Prowl elected to run the gauntlet and reach the shutdown console inside, and the Aerialbots provided air support for him. Fireflight and his buddies gunned down the Acid Bats at the entryway, giving Prowl his chance to get through. The House that Wheeljack Built!

Note: Unlike the rest of Earthforce, the return of the Aerialbots (besides Silverbolt) was never explained on panel. Presumably, Wheeljack rebuilt them in the Bodyshop much like he did for Tracks.

Generation 2

After the defeat of Bludgeon and his Decepticons on Klo, the Autobots split into smaller combat units throughout the universe. Once Optimus Prime and Grimlock learned of the threat posed by the second generation Cybertronian army, though, the Autobot forces reconsolidated under their command. Fireflight and the other Aerialbots were first seen after the Autobots had retreated to an asteroid sanctuary for retraining. They were, um, outsmarted by Hot Rod. The Power and the Glory

Later on, Fireflight was fighting with his fellow Aerialbots in the skies of Ethos, defending the planet against genocide by the Cybertronian Empire. Even Skydive's battle plans weren't doing any good, however, and Fireflight was about to give up the fight when the cavalry arrived, in the form of the Decepticon Seekers and Rotor Force. Escalation! The Autobot/Decepticon alliance soon stood against the Cybertronian Empire at Autobase on Earth. Fireflight was seen working a one-two combo with Slag -- he'd knock jets out of the sky, and the Dinobot would roast 'em when they hit the ground. Total War

Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Jeff Mackay (US), Yoku Shioya (Japan)

At one point during the eternal war with the Autobots on Earth, Megatron grew fed up with how his opponents ruled the roads and created a group of Decepticon cars known as the Stunticons. In order to give his new warriors life, he brought them to Cybertron and tracked down the ancient supercomputer, Vector Sigma, to input cybernetic personalities into the Stunticons. Thanks to a series of traps and drones in their way, the Autobots failed to prevent Megatron from succeeding and returning to Earth. Seeking to even the playing field, Optimus Prime conceived of the idea of retrofitting several broken-down Cybertronian ships into Earthen jets, and bring them to life as a team of Autobot flyers. With the help of his technical savvy soldiers, Hoist, Wheeljack, Ratchet, and Prime's own creator, Alpha Trion, Optimus's plan was enacted and the Aerialbots were born. The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 2

Fireflight's spacey demeanor got his partners in trouble from time to time. As the Aerialbots were searching the Middle East for a squadron of stolen jets, Slingshot and Skydive found the jets being reprogrammed by Megatron and the Decepticons as a remote-controlled air force. The two Aerialbots summoned their fellow flyers, but while Silverbolt and Air Raid turned up quickly, Fireflight was lost out somewhere in the sands for a good portion of the battle with the Giant Purple Griffin, leaving his teammates vulnerable and unable to combine and form Superion. Only after he finally got his head together and followed up on Skydive's signal did the Aerialbots manage to gain the upper hand. Aerial Assault

Dreamwave comics continuity

At some point in the late 20th century, Fireflight and the Aerialbots joined the crew of the Ark in fighting the Decepticons on Earth. They were rendered inactive when the Ark II exploded in mid-air on its journey back to Cybertron. Fireflight and the Aerialbots were revived by Optimus Prime in 2002 using the Creation Matrix and, in their Superion form, battled the Decepticons in San Francisco. Superion was ultimately destroyed stopping an ill-fated missile attack, and the remains of the Aerialbots were gathered up and studied by Earth Defense Command. Prime Directive


Generation One

  • Fireflight (Aerialbot, 1986)
Fireflight transformed into a red F-4 Phantom II with white wings.
Fireflight was available by himself or as part of the Superion giftset.

Generation 2

  • Fireflight (Aerialbot, 1994)
  • Team ID number: A3
One of the few actual repaints of the line, Fireflight retains the same colors as his G1 predecessor, but features more silver paint (primarily on the chest), an Autobot tampograph and different stickers.


  • Fireflight (Legends, 2006)
Fireflight is a red and beige redeco of Legends of Cybertron Jetfire. He was going to be named Powerglide, but the trademark was unavailable, so his name and identity was changed.
The redeco was also once conceived as Sky Lynx, but there was too much white already in the toyline, thus it was changed to Powerglide. And then Fireflight. Identity crisis, anyone?

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