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Inferno meets his match...

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 188
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Marvel UK issues #188

Plot: Simon Furman
Writer: Dan Abnett
Art: Jeff Anderson
Letters: Tom Frame
Colour: Euan Peters

  • Originally published: 15th October 1988; Cover date ("off sale") 22nd October 1988


A meteorite hits the base of Mount St. Hilary, containing a strange creature aboard it. The next day an Autobot shuttlecraft lands on the other side and its passengers disembark and activate the cloaking device. Sandstorm reminds Broadside and Inferno that Emirate Xaaron wants a permanent reconnaissance base on Earth to increase their knowledge of the terrain. Inferno guesses that this is to prevent a repeat of the disaster when the Wreckers attacked Galvatron. Wrecking Havoc Broadside is angry because the Wreckers didn't know where they'd arrive, but Sandstorm prevents a fight. He then notices a fire in the distance and transforms into his new buggy mode to check it out.

Sandstorm discovers an entire town ablaze. Changing to his helicopter mode he notices something in the shadows but it disappears before he can reach it. Broadside orders Sandstorm to return to base, but the latter argues that they must help the humans. Broadside reiterates that they must maintain non-intervention, but Inferno agrees with Sandstorm that they have a duty to protect all lifeforms. Broadside agrees to go but tells the others that if asked they are investigating a sighting of Galvatron.

Soon after arriving Inferno and Broadside have the fire under control. But Broadside can't extinguish one section. Inferno soon recognises the creature at its centre - a Firebug! The creature escapes as Inferno explains that it is from the planet Furnacia, feeds on high temperatures and combusts matter. Most perished when their planet burnt itself out and the survivors landed on the ice world of Thessin.

The three Autobots pursue the Firebug through the town and eventually corner it. Whilst the Triple-Changers block its escape with lasers, Inferno douses it with water. Broadside wants to kill the creature but Inferno reminds him they're not murderers. After checking the ship's files on the Solar System, Inferno comes up with an idea. The Firebug is placed in a message pod and dispatched to Mercury, where the creature can live happily in temperatures of over 400 degrees centigrade.


Items of note

  • The Autobot shuttle craft bears a strong resemblance to the animated series's design of the Ark.
  • This is the first appearance of Inferno in the present-day timeline, discounting a possible cameo in the flashback in "Decepticon Dam-Busters!" and an appearance in the annual story "Missing in Action", which is hard to place in continuity. His 2008 counterpart had previously appeared in "The Legacy of Unicron!".
  • Inferno's previous possible cameo has led to fan speculation that he has been an unseen character on Earth for the past few years and has been assigned as a liaison with the Wreckers. There is nothing in the story itself that contradicts this.


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