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{{Quote|Firebreaker will put a large dent in any Autobot ambition.|.Knock Out FIrebreaker is a Decepticon who appears in Transformers: Universe.


Need a Decepticon who can get the job done, then you need Firebreaker on the job. Specializing in recon, stealth, and hacking, this one-stop-chop-shop will even input damage to himself in order to crush any Autobot ambition.


Firebreaker was part of the crew of the Leviathan when it shot down the Autobot ship Arclight over Central City. He and the other Decepticons on board went on to engage in a number of battles against the surviving Autobots in a number of places around the world.


  • His in-game weapons include the Impasse Pulse Blaster, Vindicon Laser Rifle, and Tygria Energy Gloves. Transforming into an undercover European sports car, Firebreaker can use plasma-dealing dumbfire rockets.
  • His in-game abilities include:
    • Obfuscation Circuits — Firebreaker becomes invisible (he could do this forever), however if Firebreaker receives damage he becomes visible. Firebreaker also takes damage while using this ability, if his shield bar hits 0 he becomes visible and must charge his shield bar in order to cloak again. If Firebreaker attacks he does so with a damage boast and becomes visible.
    • System Reversal — Any enemy near Firebreaker is unable to heal, if they do they take damage.
    • Virus Transmitter — Infects Firebreaker with a virus which deals damage over time. It can't kill Firebreaker. It can only be passed on through melee, whether it's Firebreaker meleeing an enemy or an enemy meleeing Firebreaker.
  • His subsystem is "Electron Induction", which increases electrical damage to an enemy.
  • Virus Transmitter is almost identical if not the same as a "facehugger" in the Alien franchise.
  • He was apparently leaked after a couple of users on the Transformers Universe forums began tweaking around with the generic web address for all the model images for Autobot and Decepticon Warriors.
  • An early version of Firebreaker's model was first revealed on a cover for Edge Magazine #248 released in November 2012, described as "Oppressor" (as shown on the image on the right).
  • In Firebreaker's warrior video[3], he is seen beating up a lone Autotrooper during a full moon with Decepticons such as Flatline, Deadheat and Duststorm surrounding both Firebreaker and the Autotrooper.


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