The Autobots attempt to rescue a Mini-Con escape pod in Alaska. Meanwhile, the Destruction Team grants Cyclonus unimaginable power.


A Mini-Con pod containing Inferno, Comettor, and the Street Speed Mini-Con Team crashes into Alaska.

Meanwhile, Scavenger and Smokescreen are stationed in Death Valley, watching a group of Decepticons preparing a large shuttle for launch. At Autobase, Red Alert and Optimus Prime receive the alert. Prime tells him to assemble all personnel to strike at Death Valley, but Sparkplug intervenes: There are twenty Mini-Cons who aren't sure they should be here, and he doesn't want Prime to give them a reason to walk. Prime agrees and tells the Mini-Cons that they have the full resources of Autobase to rescue their comrades.

At the Decepticon base in Silver Ridge, Megatron has powerlinxed to all three members of the Destruction Mini-Con Team. While they are giving him massive amounts of power, they also send painful feedback into his system. Dualor explains that it's a little failsafe he thought to install in their systems a few years ago, and that in exchange for their full power, he wants a say in how things are run. Megatron begrudgingly agrees and "volunteers" Cyclonus to do a test run.

In Alaska, the Adventure Mini-Con Team is preparing to extract the escape pod, when Thrust sneaks up and attempts to capture them, along with the pod. He is soon interrupted by Cyclonus, who is ecstatic about the power that the Destruction Team has bestowed upon him. Thrust is eager to get back to extracting the Mini-Cons, but the Destruction Team randomly overloads Cyclonus and causes him to attack Thrust.

Back in Death Valley, Laserbeak arrives and tells Scavenger and Smokescreen that Optimus Prime is otherwise tied up and to take whatever measures they feel are appropriate. Smokescreen grumbles that it would have been useful information twenty minutes ago, when the shuttle launched. In the Decepticon base, Megatron gloats about the orbital laser that has just been deployed and prepares to fire it at Alaska...

Featured characters

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"That was just a small demonstration. You won't believe the things I can do now!"

— The Destruction Team gives Cyclonus the power... of Furmanisms!


  • Although Cyclonus does fight Thrust in this issue, the scene on which the cover is based actually takes place in the next issue.

Items of note

  • Cameos: Skywarp, Sideways, Wheeljack, Skyblast, Bonecrusher, Grindor, High Wire and Sureshock.
  • The title, "Fire & Ice", is not found anywhere in this issue. Rather, it is from the previous issue, informing readers to come back next month for "Fire & Ice". Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki uses it for the title because, hey, it's better than "Dreamwave Armada issue 12".
  • Contains a 4-page sneak peek for Necrowar.
  • The Wavelengths page contains and article about Necrowar and fan art.

Covers (1)

  • Destruction Team-powered Cyclonus attacks Thrust, art by Guido Guidi.


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