G1 Slag fire breath

Him Grimlock like to munch metal. Me Slag like to melt it.

Fire-breath is an ability that several Transformers with reptilian beast modes have installed in themselves for combat in their alt modes.


Generation OneEdit

G1 cartoon Grimlock fire breath

Oh, Me Grimlock got to stop adding spice to metal me eat.

The Dinobots had fire-breath included in their alternate modes. Although they all possessed the ability, Grimlock and Slag were the only ones that really employed it. Wheeljack had Grimlock demonstrate his mastery of his fire-breath by adjusting Blaster's volume levels. Later, while practicing on Dinobot Island, Grimlock had Slag practice his "fire stuff" (Grimlock's words) by evaporating a pond. Slag displayed good moves. The local wildlife was not amused. Dinobot Island, Part 1 Later, Slag's fire-breath saved the Dinobots by evaporating the tar pit they had sunken into, but it made him rather tired. Dinobot Island, Part 2

During the brawl among the Primitives, Grimlock showed the upity Decepticons not to insult him by unleashing his fire-breath upon them. The Decepticons hit started to cough...cause that's what happens when you get him with fire that can melt body armor. Call of the Primitives It may be possible that Grimlock deliberately turned down the power of his breath, wishing only to subdue the Decepticons (since at the time he was allied with them), but a) this is only speculation, and b) Grimlock isn't that smart (or at least wasn't in the G1 cartoon).

Beast WarsEdit

After becoming a Transmetal 2 dragon, Megatron gained the ability to unleash fire-breath. He was also capable of shooting sub-zero blasts. Megatron likes to keep his enemies on their toes. Yessss... Master Blaster

Cybertron continuityEdit

Scourge had the ability to activate two extra, fire-breathing reptilian heads as his cyber key power. This attack was used in several scenes as a suppressive attack, but was also blocked or simply ignored on occasion by powerful characters.


Megatron had fire-breath installed in the Dinobots, intending to unleash it against the humans and Autobots. When Isaac Sumdac confronted him about its presence, Megatron claimed that his desire to have a body once more compelled him to experiment by installing the fire-breath as one of several "features". Sumdac bought it hook, line, and sinker. Blast from the Past

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