Arrrrr...Finback be a scurvy sea-dog if ever there have been one. 'Twas once the most fearsome pirate on the mercury seas, 'fore he was cursed with a metal-corroding disease that haunts his bones to this day. Only his bonny Pretender shell keeps the ol' shipwreck's spark a'pumping. Though his timbers be shivered, Finback still gives a good accounting for himself in battle, and draws a hearty thrill from making Autobots feel even worse than him, he does. 'Twill be a cold day in the Pit before those land-lubbers see the last of him.

Drink up me hearties, yo ho!


Marvel comics continuity

Avast ye!

After commandeering a genetics research lab on Earth, Scorponok was able to recreate and perfect the science of Pretender shells using synthoplasmic chambers constructed by him and Vorath. Finback was one of six Decepticon volunteers transformed by the process into new Pretenders. Pretender to the Throne!

Sometime later, Finback was manning an artillery station on Cybertron during the war with Unicron. The power core overloaded when he pushed it to full power, though, and the resulting explosion apparently killed him and Misfire. On the Edge of Extinction!

IDW comics continuity

NO WAI!!!11

Finback was recruited by Bludgeon over 20 years ago to bring back the bio-mechanical grafting process designed by Thunderwing. Using Shockwave's Regenesis program, they acquired enough raw Ultra-Energon from Earth to successfully revive Thunderwing as an awesomely powerful automaton, and begin constructing bio-mechanical carapaces for themselves. Unfortunately, an Autobot survey team stumbled across their activities on Cybertron. Stormbringer issue 1 He maliciously punished Jetfire with his electro prod when the Autobot tried to escape. Stormbringer issue 2 Finback was shot to pieces when the Wreckers raided the facility and put a stop to Bludgeon's plans. Stormbringer issue 3

Finback looked rather cocky throughout the misadventure, regardless of situation.


Generation One

  • Finback (Pretender, 1988)
    • Accessories: Large gun, small gun, belt


Finback's inner robot transforms into a stingray-shaped hovercraft vehicle thing, with his robot arms rather obviously jutting out of the top of the vehicle. His large white gun can be mounted on top. In robot mode, Finback continues the Pretender tradition of having rather generic robot modes that do not hint at what he might possibly turn into. Finback's outer Pretender shell is a, erm, weird walking fish monster thingy that is possibly some sort of sea creature. It has a clawed left arm that can hold his harpoon weapon and a sort of flipper right arm which can hold the inner robot's gun.

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