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Filch is a corvid-like Decepticon and true to her name she is a kleptomaniac and does not care about taking "shiny" things from others. 

Robots in Disguise


Filch was one of the many prisoners of the Alchemor, and escaped after the ship crash landed on Earth .

Season 1

Filch took up residence atop a statue in Crown City and began collecting various objects from around the area and massing them there she could find, which included stealing a family's camper van. Her efforts eventually drew the attention of Bumblebee's team of Autobots, who set out to apprehend her. Despite their best efforts, she evaded capture on two occasions and in the second encounter, she managed to capture their human ally Denny Clay and nearly collapse a bridge by taking one of its beam which caused it to crack open. However, Denny was rescued by Sideswipe and Filch was eventually brought down by the combined efforts of Bumblebee, Strongarm, who decided to break protocol to help Bumblebee take on Filch, and Sideswipe, who threw the beam Filch stold at her, which incapacitated her. They took her back to base to be placed back in a stasis pod.


Filch has displayed an obsession with shiny objects and she has Kleptomainac tendencies similar to Larry LaRue. This obsession has led to her being locked up on the Alchemor, seeking to collect them at the exclusion of any other act, even fighting off her enemies. She seems to spend the majority of her time in Beast Mode, only rarely transforming into her Robot Mode. Some of the items that she collects may be worthless but meaningful to her. 


Robots in Disguise

Season 1


  • Filch is voiced by Constance Zimmer, who also voices Strongarm.
  • She appears to only say one word instead of a full sentence.
  • Filch is the third Decepticon in the series whose "bestial" form is her alternate mode rather than her "robot" mode, the others being Chop Shop (who is coincidentally also a thief) and Flamefeather (who is coincidentally also a bird).