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Kenji and the Autobots visit an island utopia under siege by the Decepticons and their most menacing threat yet: Trypticon!


With his summer vacation coming to a close, Kenji joins Hound, Perceptor and Seaspray on a trip to a hidden island utopia, where they plan to meet up with several other Autobots. When Kenji arrives, he's astonished at how all the different animals, including lions, koalas, elephants and pandas, get along without fighting. Kenji asks the Autobots to help the utopia stay perfect.

Seconds later, the Autobots are startled by a stampede. They follow the stampede to its source, discovering that Blaster and the other Autobots have been taken prisoner by the Constructicons, who are ruining the utopia. Seaspray demands satisfaction, but Kenji orders him to yield and instead uses his wrist communicator to contact Scramble City.

Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus receive his distress signal and prepare a back-up party. Optimus orders all the Aerialbots into action, save for Slingshot, as he believes his violent nature might do harm to the animals. So First Aid is sent in his place, much to Slingshot's chagrin.

Back at the utopia, Megatron declares that the island will be the perfect place for his new fortress, Dinobase. Starscream agrees that they will be impervious to attack once Dinobase sets up shop, so he asks Megatron to hurry up and summon it forth. He does so, and Dinobase arrives in the form of Trypticon, who bursts out of the mountainside.

Before Trypticon can transform into Dinobase and become impenetrable, Superion arrives. Megatron is not pleased and orders the Constructicons to merge into Devastator and crush him. Trypticon does not wish to share Superion with his creators and proceeds to pluck up Devastator between two of his claws and hurl the disgruntled combiner into the ocean. As Superion uses his body as a shield to protect the animals, Trypticon raises his foot and prepares to stomp on him.


This is the closest Trypticon will ever come to defeating Metroplex.

Before Trypticon can deliver the finishing blow, he is met by a new warrior: Metroplex! Trypticon has never met Metroplex before and is a little hesitant about fighting him. Seeing an opening, Superion launches Air Raid, who taunts Trypticon and goads him into battle. Enraged, Trypticon charges Metroplex, only to pass right through him, off a cliffside and into the ocean, where he explodes.

As it turns out, Hound created a hologram of Metroplex and then had Perceptor enlarge it and project it onto the cliffside with his microscope mode. Megatron orders a retreat, leaving the Constructicons behind to fend for themselves. They attempt to tiptoe away before anybody notices them, but the Autobots don't fall for it. The Autobots then put the Constructicons to work, rebuilding the utopia to its former beauty—work which they find utterly demeaning and humiliating.


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  • Trypticon's unfamiliarity with Metroplex indicates that this issue and all the preceding issues take place before the Scramble City OVA, where the two citybots will meet for the first time.

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