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Kenji's date is interrupted when the Decepticon Combiners crash a baseball game!


Kenji and his girlfriend (Is this kid really old enough to be dating?) are enjoying a baseball game, only to have it spoiled by an attack from the Stunticons, who promptly merge into Menasor. The Stunticons intend to turn the stadium into their frontline base (a fine strategy, there).

Using his wrist-communicator, Kenji summons aid from the Aerialbots and the Protectobots. Menasor quickly begins destroying the stadium, setting it on fire and toppling wreckage onto hundreds of panicking humans. Before things get too grim, however, the Protectobots arrive, put out the fire and rescue the humans!

As the Protectobots combine into Defensor, they receive back-up in the form of Superion. Menasor isn't without his own tag-team partner, though, as Bruticus joins the fray.

Kenji remarks that it's like a "Transformer tag match" as the four combiners clash. Though Superion takes down Menasor, Bruticus makes short work of Defensor, breaking him into his component pieces.

Groove is sent flying and lands near Kenji, remarking that due to Hot Spot's injury, the Protectobots can no longer combine. Kenji comes up with a plan and jumps on Groove in motorcycle mode. Together, they get Superion's attention and tell him to aim for the legs of the Decepticons. Superion gets their drift and pulls out his electro discharge rifle. With it, he blasts off the Decepticons forming the legs of Bruticus and Menasor.

Kenji then orders Groove, Streetwise, First Aid and Blades into action. They form the new legs of Bruticus and Menasor and then proceed to blast off and away from Japan. Kenji tells them just to dump the Decepticons into the ocean as the remaining Stunticons and Combaticons flee the scene.


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  • The baseball player Takara is obviously named after the company Takara...whoever they are.
  • This issue features a "Transformer info bank" special panel which shows each combiner, names their individual component members and lists their vehicle modes. Additionally, the info bank describes the combiners featured here as a "new" generation, only requiring five members to combine and with the capability of swapping limbs, an ability known as Scramble Power. This, of course, is what sets them apart from the first combiner, Devastator, who had six members and could not swap limbs.

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