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Kenji and the 4-Wheel-Drive Brigade battle the Insecticons in Kyushu as Megatron prepares his most threatening scheme to date.


In America, Optimus Prime and the Autobots are busy testing out their new battle fortress: Metroplex. As Metroplex transforms into Battle City formation, the Autobots fail to notice Astrotrain and Reflector hovering overhead. The pair take multiple snapshots of Metroplex before returning to Decepticon Headquarters with the info.

Megatron deems the threat potential of Metroplex laughable and declares that, upon completion, Dinobase will be much more powerful. Megatron goes on to explain that once Dinobase is finished, it will plunder all the energy in Japan, eventually turning the country into the Decepticons' new base of operations. But Megatron doesn't intend to stop there, vowing to transform all of Earth into a new robotic base. Megatron's crude exposition is suddenly cut short, however, when Hook announces that the Autobots have sent an advance party to Japan.

In response to the numerous energy raids occurring in Japan, Kenji and the 4-Wheel-Drive Brigade are scouting around a crater in Kyushu, hoping to get to the root of the problem. What they find instead is a sneak attack from the Insecticons, who have rigged the crater with land mines. Kenji and the 4-Wheel-Drive Brigade are quickly blasted into a crater, where they slowly sink toward a pool of magma.

The Insecticons gloat over their easy victory until suddenly a colossal, terrifying "monster" begins to materialize through the smoke. The horrified Insecticons are caught off-guard by what is really the 4-Wheel-Drive Brigade, who have escaped the crater by forming a goofy "human pyramid". The Autobots then blast the Insecticons into retreat with their equally goofy "4-Wheel-Drive Robo Combination Scrumbuster" attack.

As the Insecticons hightail it out of there, Kenji vows that so long as the Autobots are around, the Decepticons will never have Japan.


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