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Bumblebee is being hunted across Tokyo by Soundwave and his cassette forces. Will the littlest Minibot triumph?


In Arizona, Optimus Prime and most of the Autobots are under heavy attack from Megatron and the majority of the Decepticons. When Ratchet realizes that Soundwave and his cassettes are nowhere to be found, Optimus Prime dispatches a unit to Japan (because...that's just the likeliest place they'd be).

In Tokyo, Bumblebee and Kenji are driving around town, looking for suspicious Decepticon-like activity. All they find are two cops who pull them over, as Kenji is way too young to be driving. Bumblebee transforms and sets things straight so the pair can get back on their way. Kenji remarks that the Autobots are way too spread out over the country, leaving Bumblebee to lament that the faction just doesn't have enough jets and dinosaurs to go around.

Just then, Ravage attacks! Kenji tries to radio Prime, but can't make contact due to the battle raging back in Arizona. Bumblebee evicts Kenji and transforms as Powerglide swoops down and airlifts the human to safety. Kenji is worried that Bumblebee won't be able to stand up to Soundwave and his goons all by himself, which is a rational concern, as Bumblebee is completely surrounded by Soundwave's cassette troops.

Bumblebee isn't about to take things laying down, leaping into the air and running away, instead. Soundwave orders Ravage, Rumble, Laserbeak and Ratbat to chase after the Minibot. Crafty as ever, Bumblebee manages to keep out of sight until Soundwave reaches just the right tactical position. Bumblebee then gets the drop on him with his patented "Bumble Kick", smashing Soundwave's glass chest door and knocking the Decepticon out cold. Soundwave's cassette forces are suddenly surrounded by Ironhide and Cliffjumper, forcing them to transform back to cassette mode and try to return to Soundwave's chest. With Soundwave's chest being busted-up, though, they simply bounce off and into Cliffjumper's hands (who promptly pulls all their tape out because he's a big jerk like that).

Kenji then returns with Powerglide and is overjoyed to see that Bumblebee is alright. He then radios Prime to report their success, only to find out that the Autobots in America have also won a victory over the Decepticons. Bumblebee feigns modesty over his success, causing Ironhide to groan.


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  • Speaking of that story page: Soundwave gets his chest window smashed again in that one.
  • This issue establishes that Autobot headquarters is situated in Arizona.
  • The scene in which Kenji is stopped by police for looking too young to drive Bumblebee, only to then be attacked by Ravage, is eerily familiar to a scene from the episode The Immobilizer.
  • How Soundwave and his cassettes escaped custody (assuming the Autobots even took them into custody) is never explained, as they are free as birds in the next issue.

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