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Kenji joins the fray as the Decepticons burn Tokyo to the ground!


From Decepticon Headquarters, Megatron orders Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker to attack Tokyo and plunder its energy (though Starscream believes Megatron is being lazy, sending him to do all the work while he lounges around the base).

As Starscream divebombs a large group of civilians, one young child happens to be in considerably more peril than all the others. Just before he can take a missile to the face, though, the Autobots arrive. Optimus Prime swoops down and rescues the boy. The Autobots introduce themselves and explain that they've come from America. The young boy then jumps inside Smokescreen for safety.

As Smokescreen yammers on and on about himself, the Autobots come under attack from Menasor. Menasor makes short work of the Autobots until the young boy has a brilliant epiphany: drive up a ramp and punch him in the face! The Autobots mindlessly follow the kid's instructions and send the Decepticons packing (and vowing ham-fisted vengeance).

Prime thanks the boy and asks him his name. The kid introduces himself as Kenji. Prime then gives Kenji some official Autobot headgear and asks him to be their agent in Japan, contacting them whenever there's a threat of Decepticon attack. Kenji waves goodbye to the Autobots as cherry blossoms flutter in the wind.


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  • This issue takes place before the Scramble City OVA.
  • The Autobots had visited Japan once before in the episode Kremzeek!.
  • Optimus Prime telling Kenji that the Autobots have "come from America" is an in-joke to the franchise's (partly) American origins.
  • The helmet Prime gives Kenji is actually supposed to represent the Optimus Prime voice-changing helmet which was available at toy stores at the time.

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