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So there are these awesome alien robots that can turn into stuff. You should seriously check 'em out.


Part 1

Hundreds of thousands of years ago there existed a highly advanced planet called Cybertron. The planet was controlled by two factions of super robot lifeforms: the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons.

The Autobots were led by the wise and strong Optimus Prime while the Decepticons were led by the ruthless and cruel Megatron. Their endless war drained Cybertron of all its energy, leading to both factions leaving the planet in search of new energy sources.

Their battle raged on, eventually reaching the vicinity of prehistoric Earth. Shooting one another down, the Transformers crashed on Earth and remained inactive for four million years.

Part 2

Four million years after crashing on Earth, a volcanic eruption activated their ship's computer. The computer gave both the Autobots and the Decepticons new alternate modes based on the technology of Earth. The Decepticons, wanting only to make war, were resurrected as jets, guns and other war machines (including the deadly tape deck and camera). The Autobots, meanwhile, were brought back as trucks, cars and other vehicles.

Now awake and on Earth, the war of the Super Robot Lifeforms, the Transformers, continues!

...So, did you get all that?


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  • Lots of unique and unnamed Transformers are seen, though only a few seem to be intended to represent actual characters from the cartoon. Interestingly, they're given original Cybertronian forms that differ from how they appeared on Cybertron at the beginning of "More Than Meets the Eye, Part 1". What may be Mirage appears with a new design while an unidentifiable Seeker appears with a slightly reworked model.
  • The first five pages of the prologue, representing "Part 1" were printed separately from the sixth page, "Part 2". Part 1 was originally printed in color (or, about three colors, to be precise) but reprinted in black and white for The Transformers: The Comics graphic novel.

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