Not everyone may agree with Optimus's statement...

There were all-together 8 issues of the "Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformer" manga which ran in TV Magazine. The manga took place shortly after the end of season 2 of the Generation 1 cartoon, before and after the events of the "Scramble City" OVA.

Taking place within the continuity of the cartoon series, the manga introduced a few concepts which explained away the odd "logic error" here and there or simply added further background to the characters. A few of these notable additions:

  • The Autobot Road, an underground mass-transit highway which helped the Autobots drive from one end of the planet to the other so quickly.
  • The Ark is apparently located in Arizona.

The story revolved around the Autobots and their new Japanese friend, a boy named Kenji. The stories were completely episodic, with one never leading into the other. Kenji appeared in all eight issues of the Super Robot Lifeform manga and made his final appearance in the Scramble City mail-away special.

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