Ferak is a Decepticon in the Marvel comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Hunter seekers

There goes a manta ray!

Ferak is a Decepticon stationed near Darkmount. He has a low taste in entertainments, so he prefers to indulge on his own, taking out his sadistic impulses on others.

Ferak transforms into a Hunter-Seeker Skyship. Decepticon Hunter-Seekers perform such missions as raw material procurement (read Empty blasting) under Straxus.

Like the Seekers they appear to operate in units of three. The only named Hunter-Seeker is Ferak.


Marvel Comics continuity

Ferak and his two his his fellow Hunter-Seekers were cruising Dead End on orders to reduce the surplus population by blasting and then recycling the derelict Empties found there.

Spotting three of them, Ferak warned his wingmen off so he could enjoy this sport on his own, taking leisurely potshots at the trio as they ran for their lives.

Ferak destroyed Telus and Rotorbolt before the noise of his play attracted the nearby Electro-scrambler (wielded by some nameless Autobot). The Electro-scrambler disrupted Ferak's guidance system, causing him to spin out of control. Blaster then grabbed him by the wings and threw him into a tower.

He exploded on impact. The Smelting Pool!

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