Surprisingly not a giant doily.

Feminia is a planet that appears in The Transformer manga, the Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers Zone OVA and is mentioned in the Transformers: The Headmasters television series. The planet's population consisted of pointy-eared humanoids and hexapod vertebrates until it was viciously destroyed by Violen Jygar's forces.


Japanese cartoon continuity

The Transformer (manga)

In 2010, Cybertronians visit Feminia for the first time. The Transformer

The Headmasters

In order to relax Blurr and Arcee's concerns over Hot Rod's mission to Vector Sigma, Kup reminds them of the time that Hot Rod bested Galvatron during a battle on planet Feminia. A Dream is Born, Double Prime


Many years later, the new Decepticon Emperor of Destruction Violen Jygar sends his Nine Great Demon Generals to Feminia in search of the Zodiac energy source. Since it's not there, they blow the planet apart to show how intimidating they are. The Autobot Supreme Commander Victory Saber rapidly coordinates the evacuation of as many people as he can, including a young boy named Cain, but in the process fails to escape himself and is trapped on the surface when the Decepticon Generals crack the planet like an egg. And that is the end of Feminia. Zone

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