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The Imperial Palace of Femax.

Femax is a planet where a warrior race of Transformer-sized human females rules over their barbaric male counterparts.

The planet surface of Femax is divided into two areas. First, there are the wastelands where the primitive males reside. Wearing simple cloth garments and carrying crude tools such as pick-axes, the males are mentally and physically unsophisticated. They are savages.

The second area is located inside a vast mountain. The interior of the mountain appears to house another world entirely, called the Golden Realm. This is where the females live. They created a perfect environment with artificial sunlight, climate control, and clean air, and the Femaxians guard this paradise ruthlessly. The men are prohibited from entering the Golden Realm.

Fun Femax Facts

  • In the Imperial Palace of the Femaxian Royal City sits the First One of Femax.
  • Femaxians speak language 48Z-point F27, sub-dialect L486Q.
  • Femax is bountiful in succulent lead sulfide crystals.
  • Femax is a short distance away from Grand Central Space Station, an important interstellar space hub.