The Female Autobots are a group of female Transformers in the Generation 1 continuity family.

Amazon Autobots on Beta Moon?

The Female Autobots are an Autobot resistance group led by Elita One and are stationed on Cyberton. They all happen to be female.

"Female Autobots? I thought they were extinct."
―The ever-observant Shockwave[["The Search for Alpha Trion"| [src]]]

Note: The name 'Female Autobots' does not refer to this group in all continuities. For instance: in Dreamwave continuity Elita One's group are warriors for the Quintessons, not Autobots.



Generation 1 cartoon

The Female Autobots were believed destroyed by a missile strike during the Ark's launch 4 million years ago.

By 1985, they were the last active resistance on Cybertron, operating in secret. Shockwave discovered their continued existence (thanks to Moonracer) and tracked them back to their underground headquarters. A subsequent attempt to capture Elita One resulted in a reunion with the Autobots of Earth, who believed the Female Autobots had perished long ago.

The Female Autobots relocated to a new secret headquarters provided by Alpha Trion. The Search for Alpha Trion

They are then never seen or spoken of again. Not even by Arcee. It's THAT secret.

Dreamwave comics

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Unnamed Members

Fa scale

We aren't drawn very well.

The two unnamed female Autobots seem to serve a more support/defensive role, while Chromia leads a strike force out on raids.

Note: While difficult to judge the relative size of these characters (since they are often foreshortened in the background,) the Green and Orange Female Autobots appear the smallest in the group. Or, the art is bad. Take your pick.

Green female

Femaleautobot green

Green Elf needs energon, badly!

Seen manning a series of monitors in their original headquarters.

When trapped in their collapsed base, she appears more visibly defeated than any of her comrades. She transforms into a green Cybertronian car.

She seems to mix less with the others.

Orange female

Femaleautobot orange

Whoa, panty shot!

She's purple and orange, like Huffer. And she doesn't do much, like Huffer. The only member of Elita One's command not present in flashbacks to the Ark's launch, she's seen looking at a clipboard in their original base.

In contrast to her green comrade, she appears casual, even nonchalant while trapped in their ruined base. She transforms into a orange and purple Cybertronian car.

Note: The orange Female Autobot appears on the cover of the Club Udon special edition cover to G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers volume 3 #2, but she is colored like the green female. Presumably one (or both) of them also exist in the Joe/Transformer continuity.
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