This article is about the lemon demon with the funky gun. For the jet styled after some 70s curtains, see Fearswoop (Movie).

Fearswoop is a Decepticon from the Generation One and Generation 2 portions of the Generation One continuity family.

Fearswoop is really, really, super-evil and mean and nasty. He has advanced stealth capabilities that let him swoop down on unsuspecting targets fast, riddling them with machinegun fire before they even know what hit them. How advanced is his stealth ability? He's neon yellow and still can't be seen.

Alternate European-market name: Black Omen


Generation One

  • Fearswoop (Trakkon, 1993)
  • Accessories: Gun, 2 x missiles

Fear the lemon!

Available only in European markets, Fearswoop transforms into a bright yellow Lockheed-Martin YF-22 fighter jet. In this mode, his large and very un-aerodynamic weapon stand can be mounted on his back end. This weapon uses a combination of the light-piping and gear-wheel gimmicks so that when you look through the "viewscope" and turn the wheel beneath, as the twin gun barrels pom-pom back-and-forth, the view from the scope makes it look like twin beams of laser-fire are striking your selected target.
This version of the toy was boxed, and made available during the "transitional" phase where the toys gained the new-design faction sigils but the packaging lacked the Generation 2 name.

Generation 2

  • Fearswoop (Trakkon, 1994)
This release is identical to his 1993 release, but in Generation 2 packaging, and was on a blister card instead of in a box.

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