Titan4.7 Fearstorm

Fearstorm is bigger than most Vehicons. His size lends him both brawn and bravado, though it also makes him slow moving. He has little respect for Starscream, whom he regards as Megatron's lap dog at best.


Titan Prime comic

Megatron's Law

Compelled to take part in the deathmatches Megatron had set up beneath the Erta Ale volcano, Fearstorm was amused to find himself up against Starscream. Promising to send his opponent to the Well of All Sparks, Fearstorm swiped at Starscream, who proved nimble enough to dodge his fists and feet. Megatron reminded the pair that they had ten minutes to win or the shackles on their hands would explode, and Fearstorm found himself being used as a ladder so Starscream could reach the top of a nearby cage. Once Starscream had jumped down again, Fearstorm attempted to smash the lieutenant with his fists, only to miss, allowing Starscream to impale them on the ground with a barbed spear he'd ripped from the cage. Victorious, Starscream ripped out Fearstorm's spark and used it to unshackle himself. Ouch!

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