Fasttrack is a Decepticon in the Generation 1 continuity.

Nel Yomtov has much to answer for

Fasttrack is a semi-autonomous armored interceptor under the control of the Decepticon Scorponok.


Marvel Comics Continuity

Fasttrack was among the Decepticons under Scorponok's command. They were ambushed while leading captured Autobots on a death-march to Template:Tooltip smelting pool. Fasttrack seemed caught off-balance balance by the attack, and was among the first to flee the scene once the retreat was sounded.

(Note: The comic's mistake-riddled coloring seems to indicate Fasttrack was the fleeing Decepticon Scorponok called a coward after pointing out they were badly outgunned. The robot mode shown was Blot's, however- a mistake also not uncommon in the Headmasters comic.)

Masterforce Cartoon

An army of Fasttracks, led by Guardminder, worked on a floating Decepticon mega-cannon in space, and defended it from Autobot attackers.


Generation 1

  • Scorponok with Lord Zarak (Headmaster, 1987)
Japanese ID number: D-93
Available only with the large Headmaster Decepticon Scorponok, Fasstrack transforms into a six-wheeled assault buggy. His axles were designed for quick rolling down the main ramp of Scorponok's city mode.
This mold was also used to make Guardminder.


Fasttrack model.jpg

  • Fasstrack had a character model prepared for "The Rebirth", the mini-series which ended the US Generation 1 cartoon, but never actually appeared. He may have been slated to appear before "Rebirth" was cut from five episodes to three.
  • Answering a Grim Gram in the UK comics, Grimlock said he did not consider semi-autonomous units like Scamper or Roller, to 'count' as Transformers- they were considered components of larger Transformers instead.

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