Fasttrack is a Decepticon in the Generation One continuity family.

Nel Yomtov has much to answer for

Fasttrack is a semi-autonomous armored interceptor under the control of the Decepticon Scorponok.


Marvel Comics continuity

Fasttrack was among the Decepticons under Scorponok's command. They were ambushed while leading captured Autobots on a death-march to Polyhex's smelting pool[1]. Fasttrack seemed caught off-balance by the attack, and was among the first to flee the scene once the retreat was sounded. Ring of Hate!

Note: The comic's mistake-riddled coloring seems to indicate Fasttrack was the fleeing Decepticon Scorponok called a coward after pointing out they were badly outgunned. The robot mode shown was Blot's, however—a mistake also not uncommon in the Headmasters comic.

Super-God Masterforce cartoon

An army of Fasttracks, led by Guardminder, worked on a floating Decepticon mega-cannon in space, and defended it from Autobot attackers. Crisis! The Day of the Downfall of Humanity


Generation One

  • Scorponok with Lord Zarak (Headmaster, 1987)
Japanese ID number: D-93
Available only with the large Headmaster Decepticon Scorponok, Fasttrack transforms into a six-wheeled assault buggy. His axles were designed for quick rolling down the main ramp of Scorponok's city mode.
This mold was also used to make Guardminder.


Fasttrack model

I'll show that Grimlock who 'counts' as a Transformer...

  • Fasttrack had a character model prepared for "The Rebirth", the mini-series which ended the US The Transformers cartoon, but never actually appeared. He may have been slated to appear before "Rebirth" was cut from five episodes to three.
  • Answering a Grim Gram in the UK comics, Grimlock said he did not consider semi-autonomous units like Scamper or Roller, to 'count' as Transformers—they were considered components of larger Transformers instead.

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