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Specifics: Toy; vehicle mode
Fastlane is an Autobot Clone in the Generation One continuity family.

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When you break down the individual components of Fastlane's personality he doesn't come off sounding very good. He's a totally immature, reckless, thrill-seeking, show off. Surprising then to find that he's quite well liked by both humans and Autobots. The fact is there's just no malice in Fastlane's antics, he's mischievous at worst and his stunts are usually quite entertaining to watch. His most daring stunts can be a bit dangerous to others who happen to be nearby (he once caused a HUGE accident on Cybertron by doing a 360 in confining heavy traffic at 500 miles per hour) but no one's ever been really hurt by them except for Fastlane himself when he pushes his design just a little too far.

Fastlane is the younger clone brother of Cloudraker.

French name (Canada): Casse-Cou
Italian name: Booster


American cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Rob Paulsen

Upon arriving on Cybertron, Optimus Prime told Fastlane and Cloudraker to search for Kup and the rest of the Autobots who had travelled to the Plasma Energy Chamber. Since Kup's crew were on a plasma-charged rocket ship halfway to Nebulos by that point, the Clones had little luck finding them. The Rebirth, Part 1

Japanese cartoon continuity

The Headmasters cartoon

Fastlane and Cloudraker were once friends with another pair of Cybertronian Clones named Pounce and Wingspan. The two duos lost contact with each other for some time, during which Pounce and Wingspan joined the Decepticons. Fastlane and Cloudraker were confronted by their old friends, who were looking to take a golden skull from their Autobot counterparts and use it to collect a unique energy source from the Pirate Planet. While trying to keep the skull from the Decepticon Clones, Fastlane and his brother made contact with the Autobot Headmasters aboard the Battleship Maximus. Mystery of the Space Pirate Ship

IDW comics continuity

Fastlane and Cloudraker served as security officers for Fortress Maximus inside the Garrus-9 penitentiary. When the Combaticons raided the facility, the clones fought alongside Jetfire and the Technobots, but ultimately failed to prevent the Decepticons from making off with the Pretender Monsters. Fastlane took a serious blast through the chest during the fight and probably needed significant repair work. Spotlight: Arcee


Generation One

Fastlane was available in a two-pack with his brother/clone, Cloudraker. He transforms into a futuristic dragster. Fastlane has a removable spoiler which is visible in robot mode, distinguishing him from his brother, Cloudraker. He has two heat-sensitive rubsigns on his chest -- one indicates he is an Autobot, the other reveals a dragster image, indicating which Clone he is. This is especially useful for those times when you can't just turn him over and see the giant wheels on his backside.

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