Farnum ran Crown City's Rumbledome and acted as MC (master of ceremonies) for the events that run there. He'was also in charge of hiring talent.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise


"The Champ"

After MCing the bout between Mechanosaurus and Truckalodon, Farnum was surprised by Groundpounder's arrival in the arena. He opted to play along when the Decepticon demanded to fight, and ordered Casey to battle the newcomer in Mechanosaurus. After Groundpounder triumphed, Farnum went to present him with the trophy, only to find his "operator" to be shy, and instead he was met by Headlock. Assuming that Headlock was a remote-controlled robot as part of a double-act, Farnum offered the pair a permanent slot at the arena. A short time later, Denny and Russell Clay arrived and showed off their own rig, "Dino-Bash". Though Farnum wasn't particularly impressed, he allowed the team to participate in the next match. He later found Denny snooping around the buildings and told him that the match was about to begin. Farnum watched Grimlock and Groundpounder from a box high in the stadium, only to have to flee when the Rumbledome started to collapse under the stress of the battle raging inside it. And was most likely arrested for letting Groundpounder and Headlock tresspass inside the ring and for the resulting destruction they caused. And fired for it as the monster truck Rally was shut down and turned into a Concert hall.


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