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The Famicom is a video game system in the Generation One continuity family.


The Famicom is a video game system. The actual console itself is unknown, but the controller, which bears a strange button layout, has been observed.


Victory comic

In an attempt to bribe Jean into joining his "Decepticon Boy Team" with Solon, Deathsaurus zapped into existence in front of Jean, among many things, a Famicom console. Being a prepubescent boy, Jean was thrilled at the prospect of owning the hottest video game console (along with fruit and ice cream). When Star Saber crashed the party, Jean rejected the gifts, preferring to side with Star Saber, who he considered to be family. Watch Out, Jean! Hurry, Star Saber!


  • The Famicom is the Japanese version of the Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • The real-world Famicom also had two Transformers video games, Mystery of Convoy and The Headmasters.
  • Evidently, in the 21st century of the Victory comic universe, Nintendo never made any other console after the Famicom.