False Convoy is a Decepticon from the Return of Convoy portion of the Generation One continuity family.

"I didn't think he'd get so angry when I asked him to pull my finger!"

False Convoy (にせコンボイ Nise Konboi?) is a clone, more or less, of the dead body of Optimus Prime, created by the evil Dark Nova. Due to having no essence of its own, False Convoy is an extension of Dark Nova's will, used to terrify and destroy the Autobots.


The Battlestars

Dark Nova, a strange nebulous being now commanding the Decepticons, somehow managed to get his tentacles on the corpse of Optimus Prime. Using his vast power, Dark Nova duplicated the body and programmed it to serve the Decepticons. False Convoy posed as the real Optimus Prime, back from the dead, and used the Autobots' love of their legendary Supreme Commander against them. He turned on the Autobots and engaged them in battle, using his vast powers against them. False Convoy was eventually defeated by the Autobots, prompting them to seek out the body of the real Optimus Prime.

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