Starscream was once one of the most feared Decepticons of all. But is he still that?

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Marvel UK issue #248

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Andy Wildman
Lettering: Helen Stone

  • Originally published: 9th December 1989. Cover date ("off sale") 16th December 1989.


Starscream remembers how the world once trembled before him and even his name alone terrified Autobots and Decepticons. Dark Star! But things have changed...

First Starscream couldn't even die properly, being resurrected by Megatron as a mindless tool to attack Scorponok and Optimus Prime. All the Familiar Faces! And Starscream had to cringe, grovel and beg to survive. Skin Deep Scorponok may have taken him back, but Starscream now feels he is little more than a joke to the other Decepticons. He goes for a walk through the base, noting how the others stop and stare at him. He thinks they're laughing at him, but they are actually all deeply scared. Starscream exits the base wondering what the Autobots think of him.

The answer confronts him directly in the form of Cloudburst, Chainclaw and Getaway. They have been sent by Optimus Prime to see what Starscream's up to, not fight him, and are scared of his power, enhanced by his Pretender shell. But Starscream thinks they're laughing at him. Frustrated with this, Starscream pulls a gun and blasts Cloudburst down, then pummels Chainclaw before transforming and blasting Getaway who is trying to escape with the message.

As Starscream lands he decides that once more his name alone will scare other Transformers. "I'M BACK!"


  • This story takes place after "Skin Deep" and even references the events in it, but was printed before it. This was because the comic's presentation of the US stories had been interrupted by reprints of past UK stories, throwing attempts to tie the two strips together.

Items of note


  • This story was reprinted in the Titan Books trade paperback "Fallen Star".
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