Fall is the sixth and final installment in the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron comic series, before it splits off into Rage of the Dinobots.


As Grimlock's muddled mind struggles to hold onto his sense of self in the face of Shockwave's torture and taunting, he suddenly has a vision of a future in which he attacks his captor in the form of a Tyrannosaurus rex. Overcome by impulses to destroy, he tries to transform into this new form, but Shockwave puts stops him as he needs to be sure the inhibitor planted in Grimlock's mind is working. In spite of his predicament, Grimlock manages to mutter "me serve no one" to Shockwave, who loses his patience and activates a machine to erase his mind. This causes Grimlock to have a flashback to a desperate attempt at defending Autobot City by his lonesome against Optimus Prime's orders, but the memory is interrupted by Shockwave breaking into his mind and telling him he is no leader, no Autobot, no individual, only a servant belonging to Shockwave.

When Grimlock still refuses to give up, he begins to have more visions of the future, seeing himself being approached by Starscream, escaping from Shockwave's clutches and finding Slug and Swoop in new dinosaur forms. He follows Shockwave to a tower, where his tormentor meets him and calls him a servant yet again, causing a raging to Grimlock transform into his new Tyrannosaurus mode and shout that nobody controls him. His Lightning Strike Coalition—no, his Dinobots—serve only one thing: Cybertron.


  • Shockwave says he's merging alien DNA with Grimlock's CNA, a term for Transformer genetics introduced in "Spotlight: Arcee".
  • Grimlock's visions of the future are all scenes from Fall of Cybertron.


  • "Dinobots" is misspelled "Dinbobots" in a text box on the last page.
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