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*[ "Official" Linkage mini-comic translations]
*[ "Official" Linkage mini-comic translations]

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Falcia is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

It's-a me!

Falcia is tough as nails and won't let you forget it for one second. She is obstinate, snappish, quick-tempered and standoffish. She and Redline have a long history of butting heads over their shared goal of Mini-Con freedom; while Redline feels its best to find a haven away from the "Bulks", Falcia believes (quite vocally) that the Mini-Cons should join forces with the Autobots and destroy their tormentors, the Decepticons. It's such a Moonlighting thing.

Despite her attitude and behavior, it is clear she cares deeply about the Mini-Con race and will risk her life to fight for them. She has a deep respect for her team leader Combusta, and even though her other teammate Twirl is a constant target of verbal jabs and the occasional threat of violence, Falcia has gone to great lengths and extreme peril to save her life.

To those who can understand the Mini-Cons' speech, Falcia speaks with an incredibly thick accent similar to Italian. She is not Twirl's mother in any way, and she will kick you in the gearbox for even suggesting it.

"Well, Robo-bitch sure doesn't need one of these to turn her mean, does she?"
Stella Holley on Falcia[["Linkage Part 6"| [src]]]


Micron Legends: Linkage Mini-ComicsEdit

Falcia's panel was one of the countless that fell from the Exodus during its crash onto Earth, but one of the few to be activated on its own without human or Bulk interference. After reuniting with her teammate Combusta, she ran across Servo, who told her about the Super Stunt Team's new base inside the Autobot shuttle they had acquired from Scavenger. Falcia stepped in and confronted Redline, and forcibly opened his storage compartment to get the Mini-Con storage panel containing her teammate Twirl. Linkage Part 5 She made her escape, but was attacked by the Speed Chaser Team in Magnawing mode. Though Combusta's arrival drove off the attackers, Twirl's panel was damaged in the battle. Linkage Part 6


"Mama mia!" "No, 'mama' NOT 'mia'!"

Falcia and Redline began a dangerous ploy to save Twirl's life: combining energies from their spark frames to create a new body for Twirl, while their minds entered the Linkage to retrieve Twirl's soul before it could diffuse into the soul-dimension and be lost forever. While in the Linkage, the two saw that the Mini-Cons' creator Unicron was still watching them, even though he was largely dormant and unable to touch the Linkage directly. Linkage Part 7 After Twirl was revived (thinking that she was Falcia and Redline's daughter), she and Twirl joined Servo in journeying to Mount Astrogate to meet with the Autobot-allied Mini-Cons High Wire and Rollbar, letting them know of Redline's plan find the Master Key and make all Mini-Cons truly free. Falcia, having witnessed the gaze of Unicron herself, passed up the opportunity to join the Autobots in order to help Redline, much to Twirl's delight. Linkage Part 8

She joined the others at the Hawaiian islands, setting up the equipment to unlock the Master Key Linkage Part 9. When they were attacked by Ravenus, she and Flat-Out Powerlinxed with Stella's car, transforming it into a fighting mech. In this form they managed to dislodge Servo from Ravenus, but the creature escaped with Twirl. Linkage Part 10 Falcia underwent the upgrade and gave chase. Linkage Part 11 Once Ravenus was contained, she thwacked the "stupido-con" Redline in the back of the head after he sealed the Doomstone inside himself in order to keep its deadly energies contained, she an his other allies telling him he needs to stop trying to take on all responsibilities and troubles by himself, and that they all would help solve the puzzle of what to do with the Doomstone. Linkage Part 12

She joined the other Mini-Cons in their return to Cybertron and fought against their creator Unicron. One year later, she returned to Earth with the Super stunt Team and other Mini-Cons, forming a safe city there. Linkage Part 13



  • Falcia (DVD Mini-Con, 2003)
Falcia's toy is a redeco of the Air Military Mini-Con Team member Terradive, and was available only with the fifth Micron Legend DVD in Japan. Her aircraft alt-mode is similar to the Cobra Night Raven S3P recon stealthjet (which is based off the Lockheed SR-71 spyplane), and has a third triple-claw weapon mode that attaches to any toy with a Powerlinx plug.
This mold is also used by Blitz, Mugen and Shockwave.

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