The short opens up with a something falling from the sky, which is revealed to be Lugnut about to use one his 'big punches', which creates a large crater. Lugnut then slams the punch on the ground again, creating a bigger hole. Then he slams it once more, with a huge crater as a result. Then the Blitzwing (Animated) appears at the edge of the crater and points out that Lugnut was setting up a spot to build a swimming pool, and that it would look better somewhere else, which Lugnut gives a nervous look at the audience.

Featured characters

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"Actually, now zat I look at it, I zink ze swimming pool vould look better over zere!"

Random Blitzwing, who can't decide where to put the pool.


Animation and/or technical glitches


Continuity errors

  • Megatron isn't the kind of guy to want a swimming pool and considering the fact that Lugnut obeys Megatron only, how did Blitzwing convince him otherwise? Perhaps Blitzwing told Lugnut that Megatron wanted a pool. Whether this is true or not is unknown.

Transformers references




Miscellaneous trivia

  • Given Transformers Animated is set in Detroit, they are right next to Lake Erie. Yet Blitzwing wants a pool the size of an asteroid crater?
    • Blitzwing might want a crater full of water without any human traffic ruining it.
  • How would Blitzwing transport so much water to a pool the size of an asteroid crater? Unless he's going to freeze the whole crater then melt it. On the other hand, how do you freeze water when there... isn't water?
    • Just wait for it to rain? Or snow?
  • This episode should take place around Season 2 since Lugnut and Blitzwing, the primary henchmen of Megatron, spent their time on Earth. In Season 1, they have just landed on Earth, and in Season 3, they were too busy with the final battle and were captured by the Autobots.
  • Blitzwing seems to want a swimming pool, but doesn't that mean he should take some swimming lessons first? In "Lost and Found" he couldn't swim in a lake that was shorter in height than he was.
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