Explosion!! The Energy Base is the seventh episode of Transformers Victory. It first aired in Japan on May 09, 1989 on Nippon TV.



Blacker and Wingwaver must set aside their differences as they search the Amazon for the Decepticons' new energy base.


This is the Decepticons' energy storage base. No, really, it is.

Somewhere deep in the Amazon jungle, the Decepticons have constructed a new energy storage base, and the Dinoforce have been put to work transferring the Decepticons' amassed energy from the Thunder Arrow into the base. At the same time, Deathsaurus explains to Leozack that the energy is merely a small fraction of what will be required to effect his ultimate goal, the true reason for his campaign against Earth—the reactivation of his massive, planet-destroying battle fortress, which Star Saber long ago sealed within the Dark Nebula.

It is not long before the Autobots catch wind of the Decepticons' activities in the Amazon, as Machtackle and Dashtacker report to Star Saber that they saw the Thunder Arrow heading for the jungle while on patrol. Wingwaver offers to go into the jungle with them in order to recapture the operation, but Blacker, not trusting the judgement or skill of the young Autobot, requests that he be allowed to lead the mission instead. Star Saber agrees, and instructs them only to determine the amount of energy, so that he can assess the danger posed. Wingwaver is not best pleased, snapping at Blacker not to call him a kid, but nonetheless, the team heads off for the Amazon aboard the Galaxy Shuttle.

Just transform, ya idjit!

The trip is a short one, and the team makes a mid-air drop into the jungle about three kilometers from the base, intending to use a nearby river to approach with stealth. Tackle, Dash and Tacker clear a path in vehicle mode with Wingwaver and Blacker following behind them, but when Blacker gives Wingwaver yet another condescending order and drives off, the Multiforce leader strikes a tree in anger. This loud crash causes a flock of birds to burst out of the canopy and fly away, catching the attention of Dinoforce member Yokuryū, who is patrolling the skies above. Blacker immediately realizes what has happened and has Dashtacker and Machtackle take cover in the river while he goes back and drags Wingwaver to cover. From their vantage point, the pair watch has Yokuryū leaves his Pretender shell to keep watch while he reports back to the other Decepticons.

A little later, as Yokuryū makes his report, Blacker and Wingwaver catch up to the other Multiforcers, but for some reason, Dashtacker does not emerge from the river. The other three Autobots wait for him on the river bank, unaware that Gōryū and Rairyū are closing in around them. Just as a stream of bubbles breaks the surface of the river, the Autobots are forced to dive for cover as Yokuryū flies by. The Decepticon spots the bubbles and begins to part the water by creating a gale with his wings, leaving Blacker with no option but to dive straight in and recover Dashtacker, who had become stuck in the mud on the river bed. As he hauls them to safety, the Dinoforce attack, and Blacker discovers that the villains are jamming their communicators, leaving them unable to contact Star Saber. Blacker instructs Wingwaver to lead the Multiforce away, so that they can contact the Autobots while he distracts the Dinoforce.

However will Blacker defeat such opposition?

Blacker's chase leads into nightfall, and as darkness settles over the Amazon, the Dinoforce catch up to the Brainmaster. Simultaneously, the Multiforce draw close to the Galaxy Shuttle, at which point Wingwaver instructs his two teammates to carry on their way to the shuttle and contact Star Saber, while he goes back to aid Blacker. Dashtacker and Machtackle's protestations fall on non-functional audio receptors, of course, and they proceed to contact Star Saber (who, it turns out, has already left the Autobot base for their location, having become concerned when he could not reach them).

Leozack's hidden missile compartment is where his breast unit should be... and are those his hands?

Wingwaver, meanwhile, heads back into the jungle and arrives just in time to save a wounded Blacker from the Dinoforce. Blacker and Wingwaver lead the Dinoforce away from the energy base, and manage to shoot Yokuryū out of the air just as Star Saber passes by overhead. Star Saber realizes that Blacker is serving as a decoy to keep the Dinoforce occupied and the energy base undermanned, and heads there immediately. Deathsaurus has realized the same thing, and has Leozack hasten the remaining Dinoforce members to load the remaining energy so they can pull out. Star Saber attacks swiftly and brutally, and Deathsaurus escapes aboard the Thunder Arrow with what energy he has, instructing Leozack to blow up what remains and take Star Saber with it. Thankfully, Leozack doesn't get the chance to deliver the finishing blow, as Star Saber bests him and sends him fleeing.

With the Decepticons routed, Star Saber meets up with Blacker and Wingwaver, and Blacker writes off the shambles that the operation descended into on his own carelessness. Realizing that he is attempting to cover for him, Wingwaver tries to speak up, but the Galaxy Shuttle arrives and he can't finish his sentence. Star Saber is, of course, fully aware of what Blacker is doing, and simply asks that he not call Wingwaver a kid anymore.


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Animation and/or technical glitches

  • While being stalked by Yokuryū, Black and Wingwaver hide behind trees that are thinner than the parts of their bodies being concealed. The resultant effect is like the '80s closing credits of Sesame Street.


  • It's unclear just how much energy the Decepticons lose in this campaign, but it's striking that Deathsaurus doesn't bother to come out and help his men fight Star Saber, considering how much was at stake.
  • In another example of odd character use, when Yokuryū is knocked off his shell in mid-flight, he clings desperately to it, trying not to fall. If he'd just transformed, he could have flown to safety, or at least glided. On the other hand, this odd moment is consistent with the fact that the Dinoforce members never transform into their creature modes throughout the entire series. Way to sell the toys, Japan.
  • When fighting Leozack there's a merge sequence (mercifully) missing, between when Saber cuts Leozack's wing and when he lands in full Star Saber mode.

Transformers references

  • The Dark Nebula was name-checked back in "The Brave Hero of the Universe - Star Saber", where Star Saber noted that he had previously sealed Deathsaurus within it. With this episode, we learn that he wasn't all that got sealed—the looming threat of Deathsaurus's fortress will drive the Victory plot (such as it is) for the rest of the series.
  • The enmity between Blacker and Wingwaver was first hinted at in "Sneak Attack! Dinoking", and established more firmly in "Infiltration... The Uranium Mine".

Miscellaneous trivia

Okay, robot rides pterasaur? That is awesome.

  • There was a two-week break between the airing of the previous episode and this one.
  • The birds in this jungle are strange. Giant robots tromping about, vehicles driving around and giant predators flying overhead don't rattle them... but someone smacking his gun on a tree trunk? That sends them into a panic.
  • In this episode Yokuryū takes a leaf out of his boss's book and rides on top of his Pretender shell while flying around on patrol.


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