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Transformers: Expanded Universe was a (brief) Transformers toyline consisting of only 4 toys, all of which were BotCon 2002 toys relating to the "Wreckers" storyline. They were the first convention-exclusive toys not to be classified as a limited-release item within a larger toyline.

The line's name references the terminology established by the Star Wars Expanded Universe, as well as the Wreckers storyline itself which, moreso than previous BotCon fare took place "just offscreen" of the events seen in the Beast Machines cartoon. Reportedly Hasbro personnel handling the exclusives were initially baffled[citation needed] by this odd-sounding name, then delighted when its logic was explained to them. This reportedly fed directly into Hasbro's 2003 decision to make many of their recolored non-cartoon toys their own toyline, though the name would be shortened to just "Universe" by the time it saw production.[citation needed]


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