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Exodus is a spaceship from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Behold in all its green glory: Robotech's SDF-5!

Exodus is the spaceship which carried the Mini-Cons from Cybertron to Earth, though Earth was not her intended destination.

Presumably, she intended to land somewhere, but doesn't seem to have ever actually done so in any reality.


Animated continuity


One million years ago, the Autobots and Decepticons called a truce, deciding that usage of the Mini-Cons had escalated their civil war to a new, unacceptable extreme. In this truce, it was agreed that a warp-capable transport vessel would be constructed so it could take the Mini-Cons as far away from Cybertron as possible, so that they would never be used as tools of war again. It is unknown if the Mini-Cons were forced to leave, or they left willingly.

However, on the launch of the newly christened Exodus, the Decepticons staged a surprise attack consisting of a large fleet led by their flagship, the Doomsday, in the hopes of capturing all the Mini-Cons in one fell swoop. However, the Autobot fleet swung into action, with the flagship Hyperion herself blocking the path of the Doomsday, while Autobot fighters (two of which were piloted by Hot Shot and Red Alert) provided a fighter screen for the excaping Exodus. Under intense Decepticon fire, the Exodus managed to enter the warp gate and escape Cybertron's system.

However, severe damage had been done to the Exodus' engines and navigational systems, sending her adrift for an unknown period of time until she collided with a moon orbiting a small blue planet. The craft broke in half, with the cargo bay and engineering hull resting on the moon, while the primary hull continued hurtling towards the surface. At the last moment, her emergency systems kicked in, firing Mini-Con panel-escape pods in many directions before the Exodus slammed into the ground, where she remained undisturbed until 2010.

"Linkage" mini-comics

Dreamwave comics continuity


Transformers Playstation 2 game

We're just gonna run away! We got peanut butter, and underwear, and that's all we need!

Exodus rocketed away from Cybertron one million years ago, but her engines were damaged by laser-fire. Presumably, it was the Decepticons shooting at them and trying to prevent them from escaping.

She entered a warp gate which ultimately led to Earth. The Exodus seemingly broke up upon atmospheric entry, but the Mini-Con storage panels contained in her hold survived and scattered across the globe. Transformers


  • Exodus is not named in any of the official English-language fictions, and it is currently unknown if it was ever named in the Japanese dub of the cartoon. It was, however, named in Japanese source materials, and in the "Linkage" mini-comics.
  • Strangely, in the beginning of the first episode of Armada, the Exodus fires a beam that creates a space bridge that is purple colored. The bridge that the Exodus actually uses is much larger and is blue. Adding to the confusion, the fore mentioned purple bridge is seen in the next shot beneath the Exodus and the blue bridge that it does use.
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