Exhaust (エグゾースト Eguzōsuto?) is a character featured in Dreamwave continuity. He is a member of the Decepticons.


Dreamwave Comics Continuity

Marlboor tww6 v1

Exhaust frequently has to deal with attacks by anti-smoking activists.

Exhaust was one of many Decepticons in the Kaon gladiator arena to witness Megatron's execution of the corrupt Emirate Xeon, signaling the beginning of their uprising. He was standing right next to Jet-Helicopter Triple Changer. The War Within #2

Exhaust and Fumes were in Iacon when Starscream's botched mechaforming attempt leveled the city. Marlboor Wheeljack and the Triple Changer were unprepared when Shockwave ordered troops to fall back to Kolkular rather than be destroyed. The War Within #6



MP-23 Exhaust is a Redeco of MP-20 Wheeljack with a new head. The toy is officially licensed by Lancia. The accessories that MP-23 Exhaust comes with include his gun (a darker color than Wheeljack's), 2 missile launchers


  • Until the release of MP-23 Exhaust, he was unnamed. The fan nickname is "Marlboor Wheeljack" coming from the 1983 Diaclone retool of the G1 Wheeljack toy with a racing deco based on Marlboro cigarettes, although his stickers instead read 'Marlboor' for trademark reasons.


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