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"No, I mean take a submarine!"
No, I mean take a submarine!

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This article is about the Earth Autobot from Cybertron. For the live-action movie continuity Autobot, see Evac (Movie).

Evac is an Autobot from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Why am I floating in space like this? I'm a helicopter!

Evac is dedicated to protecting life. Charged with guarding Earth's Cyber Planet Key untold centuries ago, Evac has watched humankind grow and evolve, and does what he can to help them while maintaining the existence of the Cybertron race a secret from them. It's a balancing act, but one he gets a real kick out of. He's tough but fair, steadfast but never overly rigid, and never panics.

Evac and Crosswise are old friends, having hunted down the rogue Ancient Decepticons for the duration of their stay on Earth.

Japanese name: Live Convoy
Hungarian name: Kiürítő (Evacuator), and suddenly gets renamed to Evac within a few episodes.


Cybertron cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Bill Mondy (US), Hiroaki Hirata (Japan)

"Come on Bryant, and rescue meeeee!"

Evac is, assumedly, one of the descendants of the Transformers who came to Earth on the starship Atlantis. He lived on Earth in secret for centuries, hiding in plain sight as an Earth vehicle, protecting the world's Cyber Planet Key and helping Crosswise to capture and defeat the Ancient Decepticons. At some point, he saved the young "Mikey" Franklin from drowning in the Green River Rapids, leading to the young man's quest to learn just who saved him and why. Revelations

Years later, after Starscream awakened the Ancient Decepticons, Evac reunited with Crosswise and moved to stop them. He then encountered Optimus Prime and his team, who they learned came from their ancient homeworld of Cybertron. Trap Invasion Evac and Crosswise both joined Prime's team, and under Optimus's orders went to find Earth's Cyber Planet Key - only to be ambushed by Starscream's army and to have the Key (and the Keys from Velocitron and Jungle Planet and the Omega Lock) stolen after a lengthy battle. Retreat After this battle, he was reunited with Franklin, who was now a Colonel in the United States military.

"Hey Evac, will you marry me?" "NO!"

Evac would continue to follow the other Autobots, all the way to Cybertron and beyond. On Gigantion, he, along with Optimus Prime and Override, met Metroplex, the leader of the giant Transformers. After a long trek through the levels of Gigantion, and the return to Cybertron, Evac returned to Earth to survey the damage - and to free the recaptured Ancient Decepticons, who he promised freedom to for helping to fight Galvatron. Afterwards, Evac followed Optimus and the other planetary leaders into the black hole, where they defeated Galvatron with their combined power. End

The black hole was closed soon after, but the battle was not over. When Galvatron damaged the thruster meant to send Jungle Planet back to its original position in space, Evac was one of the scores of Transformers who tried to right it again. After this succeeded, Evac and the others tried to help Optimus in his final battle with Galvatron, but all he and the others could do was watch. However, Galvatron was defeated anyway. Unfinished

"That's RIGHT! All you monsters in there NOW!

After this, Evac considered his future with Crosswise, only for his former enemy, Lugnutz, to advise him to seek his fortune elsewhere. With Jungle Planet sage Backstop at his side, Evac took command of the starship Hyperborea in order to help with the new space bridge project, and left Crosswise in command of Earth.

Later, while on some unspecified adventure on an alien world, Evac used his rescue skills to help save several of his crew from an icy grave. Beginning

On-package bio and key code info

Evac's on-package bio states that he was entrusted with Earth's Cyber Planet Key and wants to return to his home planet of Cybertron. In addition, his secret Key Code info reveals that he has taken a number of disguises over the years, including a blimp, 14 different kinds of helicopters, an army jet, a stealth jet, a bi-plane, and a propeller plane.

(Note: Evac's bio somewhat conflicts his portrayal in the television series, where he professed to have never been to Cybertron, and that to him and Crosswise, it was only a legend.)



  • Evac (Voyager Class, 2005)
Japanese ID number: GC-18

Clearly yellow!

Evac transforms into a Eurocopter Dauphin rescue helicopter. His rotor blades spin using a geared push-button, which becomes a spinning-blade weapon mounted on his robot mode's left arm. He has an adjustable tow-hook on a string, which retracts with the push of a button: this gimmick ends up on his right robot-mode arm. Inserting a Cyber Planet Key into his back end (backpack in robot mode) swings around a pair of spring-loaded missile launchers.
He came with a gold-bordered Earth-style Cyber Planet Key; the Hasbro release has the Key Code "v49u" on the back.
In 2006, Target stores got special exclusive versions of the current Voyager-Class toys (Evac, Leobreaker and Mudflap) with a pair of bonus Mini-Cons. Evac came with Razorclaw and Steamhammer.
Evac was later redecoed into Universe Autobot Blades and Springer.


  • Evac (Legends of Cybertron, 2005)

Clearly orange!

This miniature version of the Evac toy came out in the second Legends of Cybertron assortment, when the line was still mainly released at "market six" stores. Interestingly enough, this version hit US store shelves before the larger one did!
This mold was used to make Classics Whirl and the 2008 Univese Blades (again).


  • According to Aaron Archer, Evac was originally going to be a more sci-fi-styled, twin-tailed helicopter.
  • Development sketches shown on the BotCon 2005 exclusive version of IDW's Infiltration #0 show some weapon ideas that were dropped for Evac. Among them were a pair of tow-hooks that would detach to become "Martial Arts Chain Whips", and making his rotor blades into a hand-held sword. The animated series actually had Evac use his rotors as a sword several times, but the finished toy is not capable of holding them this way even though they are detachable. But the tow hook can hold them.

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