Evac is an Autobot whose primary function is "Commando".



  • Evac (Cyberverse Legion, 2012)
    • Accessories: Blaster
Legion Class Evac is an unchanged release of Transformers: The Ride Legion Class Evac. The toy was available in three different packaging variants, all containing unchanged toys: One version was available in Transformers: Universal Studios packaging, sold exclusively at (where else?) Universal Studios theme park stores. This version is co-branded Universal Studios and Cyberverse. Another version was available in Cyberverse "Series 2" packaging, using the template for the Transformers: Prime-based Series 2 packaging style but lacking the "Prime" moniker. This version was available at general retail in the United States.
While those two versions can still be argued to represent the same character, it's the third version that causes a problem because of how this wiki classifies "characters": While essentially simply a European market release of the Series 2 version in standard multilingual packaging, this version uses the template for European Series 2 Transformers: Prime Cyberverse Legion Class figures and keeps the Prime moniker, thereby (arguable) creating an Aligned version of Evac.

EZ Collection

  • Autobot Evac
    • Japanese ID number: EZ-13
    • Accessories: Blaster
TakaraTomy's EZ Collection release of the figure was co-branded under Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Prime. Aside from the packaging, it is virtually identical to Hasbro's Cyberverse version.
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