This article is about the race from the Generation One animated series. For the Europa 400, a race in the Robots in Disguise animated series, see Europa 400.

The Europa 2000 is a car race in the Generation One continuity family.
Europa 2000

Funny geography in the Sunbow cartoon universe!

The Europa 2000 stretches from Paris to Istanbul, a course of some 2000 miles, with racers from all over the world participating for its million dollar prize.

In reality, the Race was arranged by Megatron to bring American driver Auggie Cahnay to him in Istanbul.

Trans-Europe Express


  • The map of the Europa 2000's route does not conform to the international borders that existed at the time in the real world. This perhaps suggests that in the Generation One animated universe, as of 1985 the following things have occurred:
    • Spain has annexed the Montpellier region of France.
    • France has conquered Belgium, Luxembourg and a large portion of Germany (and probably also Poland).
    • Paris has been relocated to the place where Saint-Étienne is located in the real world.
    • Bulgaria has conquered Greece and renamed itself into "Bulgalia".
    • Austria now incorporates Slovenia and thus borders the Mediterranean Sea (however small the coast may be).
    • Czechoslovakia has renamed itself into "Ciech", a slight mangling of the acceptable abbreviation "Czech." This probably occurred because of sloppy handwriting.
    • Switzerland has been abbreviated into "Switz", which is understandable for its visible size.
    • Hungary gained back some of its former land.
    • Romania goes by its accepted alternate spelling of "Rumania".
    • Russia incorporates the Ukraine, thereby bordering the Black Sea, and shares Poland's former territory with France.
    • Corsica, Sardinia, Crete and any other large-scale islands other than Sicily are completely gone.
  • One might wonder how much the Transformers' presence on Earth has added to this massive territorial shuffle...
  • Additionally, the map does not include the Soviet Union, instead including a country simply labeled "Russia". The Soviet Union was shown to exist in the earlier Season 2 episode "Prime Target" as well as later in the Season 3 episode "Thief in the Night", set in 2006. Then again, it was not uncommon to refer to the Soviet Union as a whole as "Russia", even though this is inaccurate.
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