The following prose writen by former Dreamwave Inker Erik Sander was published on the Wavelengths page of several Dreamwave comics in September 2004.

Hi my name is E- Rock and welcome to my work shop
4 years I've been inkin' but the work don't stop
It's all good though 'cause my my skillsz u can't top
My train of thought you can't pop
I'll ink in a suit of boxers and a tank top

I love my job so I know how to behave
In case you haven't noticed yet I work at Dreamwave

From Transformers to Turtles what can be next man
Awwwwwwww geez I got to do the cover of X-Men

And if that ain't enough to put me high on my throne
Pat to tha Lee gave me the honor of workin' on Killzone

Sometimes the excitement's too much, I can't handle it all man
I get to work with the best from Pat to Travel Foreman

Erick Sander
Inker, Dreamwave Productions

Shout Outs:
All DW peeps, Family, Store, and of course 24.

Kup piece
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