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Episode 6 is the sixth and final episode of War For Cybertron Trilogy: Chapter 1: Siege. It was written by Brandon Easton and Gavin Hignight.


Optimus struggles to obtain the AllSpark. Megatron figures out Optimus’ plan and orders an attack on the Autobots, who receive an unexpected assist.


Bumblebee, Cog, and Arcee are surrounded by Soundblaster and his guards. They shoot their way out, escaping with the stolen energon. It would appear the virus to exterminate the Alpha Trion Protocols have reached Bumblebee, who becomes overwhelmed and passes out, forcing Arcee to take control of the ship and fly them out.

Optimus, Jetfire, Moonracer, Hound, and Prowl fight off the rusted Sparkless bots. Unfortunately, Moonracer is ripped apart in the battle. Optimus catches a glimpse of the Allspark above. He capture it, causing the Sparkless bots to disappear.

Sideswipe, Chromia, Ratchet, and Impactor hold off the Seekers for as long as they can.

Bumblebee, Cog, and Arcee return to Command to find the cloak down. Elita One and Red Alert inform them that the Decepticons transmitted a virus to wipe out their system and defenses. They present Wheeljack with the energon and tell him to get the ship in the air, but they find themselves under attack by the Decepticons. Elita reports to Optimus that Megatron’s attacking, and so they plan to rendezvous at the Spacebridge.

Bumblebee awakens to find Arcee, Ironhide, and Red Alert defending the ship. The Protocols are gone from within Bumblebee. Red Alert explains that the same virus that destroyed their computers destroyed the Protocols. And so, Bumblebee grabs a gun and joins the battle.

Starscream joins with the Seekers and commands his men to kill all the Autobots. Jetfire arrives and faces off with his former comrade.

Soundwave reports to Megatron that Optimus is on route to sector seven. Megatron realizes that Optimus has the AllSpark and intends to take it off-world.

In the midst of his battle with Jetfire, Starscream gets word from Megatron to destroy the Spacebridge in sector seven.

After instructing Soundwave to tear the ship apart, Megatron heads to sector seven.

Optimus gets word from Cog that Megatron is coming after him. Optimus and Hound take cover to inform Mirage that they have more Seekers incoming.

Bumblebee, Arcee, and Red Alert continue to defend the ship from invading Decepticons.

On their way to sector seven, Optimus and Hound are intercepted by Megatron. Megatron accuses Optimus of going mad. Destroying the entire planet in hopes of stopping him. Megatron believes that what has happened so far was necessary. His war led them from the pits to conquer their oppressors. Optimus accuses Megatron of going blind with power and revenge. Leadership and the Matrix were thrusts upon Optimus when Megatron murdered Alpha Trion. Optimus refuses to allow him to turn the Allspark into a weapon, so Megatron orders the Decepticons to kill Optimus and Hound. Fortunately, Jetfire comes to their rescue, allowing them a window to escape.

Wheeljack manages to get Teletraan-1 up and running while Bumblebee, Arcee, Cog, Ironhide, and Red Alert fight the Decepticons. Elita orders it to activate defenses and prepare for launch. The Ark annihilates many Decepticons before taking off. They near the Spacebridge but it hasn’t been activated. The Autobots below will need help. Elita tells Ironhide, Cog, and Arcee to come with her.

Optimus tells Ratchet, who is under fire, to activate the Spacebridge. Ratchet is nearly hit by the Seekers, but Impactor jumps in front of him. Again, using his body as a shield. Ratchet actives the Spacebridge and checks on Impactor, who, with his dying breath, thanks Ratchet for showing him the light.

Optimus scales the perimeter to reach the Spacebridge. Elita, Ironhide, Cog, and Arcee cover him from the Decepticons. However, Megatron has caught up to Optimus and pulls him down. Megatron manages to recover the Allspark after Optimus is struck down by a Decepticon. Bumblebee joins them on the ledge and fires at Megatron, allowing for Optimus to get the upper hand and throw the Allspark into the Spacebridge. Omega Supreme then emerges from beneath the ground and takes out the Decepticons, joining forces with the Autobots. He informs Megatron that his actions are his own, not that of the Guardians. He’s doing what’s for the best for Cybertron.

As the Autobots are boarding the ship, Red Alert is shot down by a Decepticon. Elita refuses to leave. She wants to stay and protect what’s left of Cybertron along with Omega Supreme. And so, the Autobots fly the Ark into the Spacebridge.

Red Alert and Chromia find Elita and ask if the Ark made it. She replies they didn’t. Saying that everyone died on the ship. It's solely up to them to stop Megatron. They are joined by Jetfire.

Teletraan-1 becomes operative and issues a warning of an unknown vessel approaching.