Episode 5 is the fifth episode of War For Cybertron Trilogy: Chapter 2: Earthrise. This episode was written by Gavin Hignight.


Optimus encounters an unexpected guide who shows him a possible future. Megatron meets an entity who tells him what he needs to take from Optimus.


Many years ago, Sky Lynx confronts Alpha Trion, claiming that he is worthy of the Matrix. Trion explains that whoever the Matrix chooses as the next Prime will need more than brute strength and arrogance. Real power is earned. Sky Lynx charges towards Trion, who banishes him to another dimension.

Optimus asks Teletraan-1 to confirm the Ark's position but the diagnosis is inconclusive. Wheeljack states that there are no stars or planets around them. Optimus then spots Sky Lynx floating in the atmosphere. Arcee explains to Bumblebee that he used to be an Autobot until he was banished for trying to control the Matrix. Finding Sky Lynx means that they’re in the Dead Universe. Alpha Trion used the Staff of Solus to transport Sky Lynx there. Sky Lynx then begins talking to them. He reveals that he can hear all. Sky Lynx asks if Optimus is worthy of such power. It doesn’t take him long to realize that Optimus is far more worthy than he ever was. Optimus then reveals how they’re searching for the AllSpark he sent away in order to stop Megatron. Sky Lynx reveals that he has also been fighting a greater war but with himself.

Starscream awakens to find a large rift where the Spacebridge once stood. Megatron confronts him for his treachery and orders Starscream off his bridge. Barricade then reveals that the Autobots’ Ark was drawn into the rift. So, Megatron then orders Barricade to take them into the rift as well.

Sky Lynx explains that the Dead Universe is vast and desolate. He’s been stranded with nothing but his own thoughts. Surrounded by nothing, all that was left was for Sky Lynx to examine himself. Sky Lynx has not only been allowed to find his full potential, he’s also learned of his insignificance. He no longer desires the Matrix. However, Optimus’ arrival has brought him a chance at redemption.

Galvatron appears on Megatron’s ship, the Nemesis. He explains that should Megatron succeed today, then Galvatron won’t exist. He says that he will help Megatron focus his rage and guide him to his rightful destiny. He’s come to change the future and Megatron’s destiny, which includes Megatron killing Optimus.

Sky Lynx wishes to help Optimus return home, but he asks that Optimus take him with. Optimus recalls that Alpha Trion believed that everyone had the right at redemption. While Sky Lynx doesn’t have the power to leave, he claims that Optimus and the Matrix do possess such power. Optimus must focus his mind and master the discipline it took Sky Lynx cycles to understand. If he does that, he can lead them to the Allspark and far beyond. In order to master this reality, he must learn to control the chaos within himself, which derives from his great many loss and his greatest fears. Optimus must become one with the Matrix or else he’ll never escape the Dead Universe.

Galvatron explains that he is from a place of only agony and that Megatron must get his hands on the Matrix. Galvatron claims that they both will them rise to power and that he’s come to make sure that Megatron never loses that power. Galvatron is a slave to his timeline, which is why he needs to teach Megatron as much as he can before “he” comes for Galvatron.

Optimus agrees to bring Sky Lynx back with him. Sky Lynx then tells Optimus that he must commune with the Primes and unleash the power of the Matrix to free them from the Dead Universe.

Megatron and Galvatron watch as Optimus opens a rift to escape. Galvatron instructs Megatron to use his mind to strike Optimus out of the stars. Megatron then unleashes a blast of energy directed at the Ark. Sky Lynx sacrifices himself, intercepting the blast, thus allowing for Optimus to escape on the Ark.

As Unicron pulls Galvatron back to his timeline, he says that he’ll suffer for his treachery. However, before his departure, Galvatron tells Megatron that there’s still a way to stop Prime.





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