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Episode 5 is the fifth episode of War For Cybertron Trilogy: Chapter 1: Siege. It was written by Brandon Easton and Gavin Hignight


Jetfire offers to help Optimus retrieve the Allspark. Bumblebee, Cog and Arcee go on a mission for energon; Wheeljack tries to get the Ark to fly.


Soundwave reports to Megatron his findings; the death of Ultra Magnus initiated a protocol containing a hidden code. Megatron realizes that it must involve Alpha Trion. Shockwave claims that it’s inconceivable this would evade their scans of Magnus. Megatron demands that they stop it. Shockwave has a virus that can be programmed to eradicate the Autobot code. The virus will destroy all processors and mainframes. However, the Decepticons would be affected as well. Soundwave advises him against it, but Megatron wants to proceed.

Jetfire is placed inside a cage. Optimus, Elita One, Prowl, and Sideswipe demands to know how he found them. Jetfire insists that no one else knows he is there and that he only wishes to join the Autobots. He refuses to help Megatron wipe out an entire population. He’s fallen into darkness. Jetfire informs them how Megatron murdered Ultra Magnus. A prisoner of war. His hands were cuffed. There was no honor in his death.

Bumblebee tells Wheeljack and Cog that he didn’t choose the Protocols, they chose him. However, he intends to do good with it. Starting with finding the AllSpark. He has the system for finding the Allspark but it has to be reconfigured. Optimus, Elita, and Prowl discuss whether they can trust Jetfire or not. With Bumblebee's help, Wheeljack finds the Allspark in the Sea of Rust. Elita continues to question Optimus’ leadership. She believes the path to be too risky. Cog adds that no Autobot has ever returned from the Sea of Rust. However, Bumblebee knows a Decepticon that has. Dreadwing. He’s an energon scavenger. Before that, he was a Seeker. The Decepticon Seekers have mapped out the region. And so, Optimus tells Prowl to bring him Jetfire.

Ratchet and Impactor have restored the Spacebridge. Mirage and Chromia join them. Sideswipe watches from above for Decepticons. Once the bridge is activated, it will draw the attention of every Seeker in the area. They start the Spacebridge to ensure that it works, which it does, attracting Seekers in the process. Mirage manages to use his cloaking ability to hide the Spacebridge from the incoming Seekers.

Megatron watches as Shockwave and Soundwave penetrate Magnus’ brain module to deploy the virus.

Jetfire informs Optimus, Elita, Wheeljack, Bumblebee, and Prowl that the Seekers mapped the Sea of Rust ages ago. He promises him that he can help navigate them through the sea and back. Jetfire asks Prowl about his law enforcement days in Praxus, before the war. He knows all about the core override. Jetfire will submit to one. Prowl explains that during a certain era at Praxus, the council created core override implants as a deterrent. Essentially meaning remotely triggering brain detonation. Optimus tells Prowl to proceed. They’re also going to need raw energon, and Bumblebee knows who to get some from. A bot named Soundblaster.

Cog and Arcee accompany Bumblebee to Soundblaster’s dome. It’s one of the few places left that does open trading. They’ve brought the last of their energon supply to gain entry.

Optimus, Jetfire, Moonracer, Hound, and Prowl enter the forbidden sector. They swerve to avoid the lightning bolts coming at them. Jetfire fires rockets to protect them from the lightning.

Shockwave and Soundwave inform Megatron that the virus has achieved 87% contamination. It will soon eradicate Alpha Trion’s code.

Elita discovers that eight Autobot Command posts are down. Total system failure. Elita demands that all Autobots report to the Ark. Operation Exodus is moving forward. Elita tells Wheeljack to ensure the Spacebridge is ready and then calls into Optimus but their signal is lost.

Optimus, Jetfire, Moonracer, Hound, and Prowl are now faced with metal vortexes. Prowl is sucked into one of the vortexes, forcing Jetfite to fly up and rescue him. Prowl is so grateful that Jetfire saved him that he wishes to give Jetfire the remote trigger to his brain module, but Jetfire insists that he keep it.

Bumblebee, Cog, and Arcee meet with Soundblaster, who is a clone and failed experiment of Shockwave. They claim they have energon for trade. And so, Shockblaster has them taken down to receiving.

No longer able to hold the mirage cloaking the Spacebridge, Mirage passes out. He is drained of energy and weak. Forcing Chromia and Sideswipe to fight the Seekers.

Elita tries to call Wheeljack as their mainframe gets infected but their systems explodes, which shuts down their clocking, leaving them vulnerable.

Starscream tells Megatron about his Seekers engaging in combat with the Autobots at a derelict Spacebridge. Megatron’s noticed increased activity near this area. Shockwave and Soundwave then report that the virus has proven efficient. Multiple explosions in sector seven have revealed a vanguard-class spaceship. Megatron commands that every Decepticon is sent to ship.

Bumblebee, Cog, and Arcee are taken to energon storage. Cog transforms into a canon aimed at the guard. However, they soon find themselves surrounded by Soundblaster and his guards. Soundblaster has eyes on the sky and knows that they’re associated with Optimus Prime, making them valuable.

Optimus, Jetfire, Moonracer, Hound, and Prowl proceed down below to the Allspark. They suddenly find themselves surrounded by rusted old, rusted, Sparkless bots.